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The LOL round-up is getting into the Christmas spirit with these fabulously funny festive posts (say that after a few snowballs!)

So if the Christmas build up is leaving you feeling a little frazzled, you can’t remember where you’ve hidden some of the gifts, and the gift wrapping elves have once again been a no show, grab a handful of Christmas chocolates, a festive tipple and indulge in these great posts…


The Chocolate Shop Incident by Rhyming With Wine

I am a huge fan of Dawn’s rhymes, and this one about shopping for advent calendars did not disappoint. Set to the infamous rhythm of The Night Before Christmas this one is guaranteed to make you smile.  It also made me think of that brilliant scene in The Vicar Of Dibley with the chocolate fountain!

T’was the month before Christmas and chocolate was sought,
Certain calendars needed which had to be bought.
So a shop* was thus entered…
(*I’ll make up a fake – and we’ll just call it “Worntons” for arguments sake).



A Christmas Rant by And Another 10 Things

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you must have seen all of the eagerly anticipated Christmas advertisements now from all the star players.  They have become part of Christmas tradition, and often spark debate.  In this post Suzanne has a little rant about this years Christmas advertisements.  I wasn’t sure whether to laugh (because as always Suzanne delivers her posts with humour) or give her a standing ovation.  I did both.  I hope Carol Vorderman reads it Suzanne.

Do you know why I like the John Lewis advert? Because finally, finally a parent gets some recognition. All these people complaining that it spoils Christmas because Santa doesn’t bring the trampoline are missing the point. I’ve never seen the big man in the freezing back garden at 11pm with a hammer and allen key trying to build a sodding trampoline. Take the credit. You deserve it.


Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas For Parents by Mrs Helicopter Writes

I want to see Jess on Dragon’s Den with these ideas.  If not get that lady a job on QVC.  I can just see parents queuing round the block for the 8 hours sleep gift card!  How many of these items would be on your Christmas list?

Calm Waters spray comes in three delightful flavours: Bedtime, Bathtime and Mealtimes. It’s a lovely, gently scented spray to use whenever things are starting to get juuusssst a little fraught at those potentially problematic times of the day. Just one little spritz from this clever little chap and those ridiculous tantrums will fizzle away to nothing, leaving a calm and serene time to be had by all. RRP: Don’t care, just bung it in the trolley. 


Austerity At The North Pole Explained – A Letter From Santa by Tired Mummy of Two

Father Christmas has had to tighten his belt this year.  But If your child is anything like mine and wants every toy in the Argos catalog it can be tricky to explain.  Laura’s explanation for the cutbacks in the North pole made me giggle.

The cost of heating has also gone up which means we have turned it off completely  and instead we have provided all of the elves with a Primark onesie and a warmer hat to help to keep them warm.


How To Complete Your Christmas Shopping With a Baby by All Things Spliced

Shopping with kids in tow is stressful at the best of times, but at Christmas?  When everyone else has become slightly unhinged and is manically searching for a Hatchimal and ready to fight for the last one. Mrs Light’s step by step guide sums up the nightmare brilliantly.

Reminisce about the days when you used to get a plastic bag with your shopping. Wrap a plate that you’ve bought for your friend in the rain cover for the buggy, hoping that it’ll be safe in the bottom of the buggy and that it doesn’t rain.


Why The Elf is Not Welcome on My Shelf by Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

Finally, I’d like to share with you a post I wrote last year about a certain elf (or in our case, snowman) who came to visit and what happened on his short lived stay.

The big one seems to have forgotten about the whole Snowman thing.  Ask him if he has seen The Snowman this morning.  When he replies “no” suggest he looks for him.  Begin the longest game of hot or cold ever.  Everytime I say “hot” the big one goes in the opposite direction. Repeatedly explain the concept of hot and cold.  He’s not getting it.  Start to panic that we are going to be late for school.  Feign excitement and over-the-top enthusiasm that I have found The Snowman.  The big one’s interest lasts approximately 30 seconds before he starts watching TV.  That didn’t go as I expected. 


Hope you enjoy these festive funnies.  If you have a funny post link up to my Friday Frolics Linky.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.



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