Style round-up: Getting BritMums Style

This weekend we will all be packing our bags and heading to The Brewery to meet new friends and learn more about what we can do to achieve the best of our blogs. I know there is much hype around the event as there usually is and I can’t wait to meet up with a few friends and most specifically my lovely pre and post natal group BlogBumpClub!

Many of the girls in this special group have an amazing sense of style and whether they are rocking a bump or not I know I will be drooling after their outfits. I especially will be cuddling up to the babies that are attending and I do know they are as super stylish as the mamas!

But lets stop whittling on before I talk myself into having another baby….here are my favourite Mamas and Papas with style!

ScandiMummy has chosen a lovely dress from Bella to attend the event in. As you know I love the Mother tee which she shows off in this post too. I expect I’ll be seeing a few of them on the day!

Sarah at Mumzilla has a special wish list for the day. That jumpsuit is the dogs! I love it! Can we be twinning at the event? 

I’ve been after a pair of Saltwater sandals for a while and when I saw that Alison had a pair of the Tootsa Saltwater sandals on instagram I didn’t have to ponder which pair I was getting any longer. They are now winging their way to me!!

If it is raining and you’re showing up a vibrant mac then I know you’re Mummy Piggles. Oh my god I am in love with it!!

I’m waiting to see what the dads are wearing too. I love Teds Threads over on The Dad Network so hoping that Al is looking pretty swish on the day too.

Finally I had to pick one of my good friend Hannah’s photos. I cannot wait to see her back down South!! She’ll be packing her stylish backpack for the weekend!

So do tell…..what are you dressing in?


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