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Stress Awareness Month: How to cope as a stressed-out mum

Stress Awareness Month: How to cope as a stressed-out mum

April is Stress Awareness Month and most Mums would agree that while it’s wonderful, being a parent is also the most stressful job in the world.


But help is at hand as I’ve gathered some excellent blogs, tips and resources to help you relax, feel happier, and make life a bit easier. Grab a cuppa, turn the phone off, and chill out while you read through these fantastic nuggets of advice you can use in your own life.

stress Image credit: Pixabay

What is stress and what’s it doing to your body?

Acute versus chronic? What actually happenes when your body is under stress? Clinical Psychologist Sarah Blackshaw explains all:

How and why does stress make you gain weight?

Lee Glynn, Stress Management Trainer, explains how stress impacts your body and mind and gives some tips on how to manage stress:

Annoying friends and family members always relying on you to fix everything? Who can relate to this?!:

Did you know many physical illnesses can be traced back to stress? NLP, or neurolinguistic programming, is a way of untangling all those mental knots. Here’s what’s going on in your body and brain, how they can trigger inflammation, and what to do about it:

Comfort eating when you’re stressed? Here’s how to stop:


Tips for dealing with stress

Motherhood is wonderful but oh so stressful, but here’s one Mum’s tips on how to chillax when you’re a parent:

How to be happy every day? It all starts with designing your perfect day:

Too much on your mind? Not feeling that you’re getting much from life? Write it down. What is a gratitude journal and how it can make you happier:

Sometimes all it takes is 5 minutes to make the world feel right again:


Natural remedies

I’m an aromatherapist myself, so can definitely vouch for these fab tips on how to use aromatherapy to ease stress:

aromatherapyImage credit: Pixabay

One of the best supplements for stress is magnesium; there’s a reason you put Epsom salts in your bath!:

Fresh air. Yes Granny was right, you do need it:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for many emotional and psychological issues; here’s one Mum’s exerperiences:


Exercise and stress, the natural, free medication:

It’s not all about abs; here’s how exercise benefits your mental wellbeing:

yogaImage credit: Pixabay

When exercise is just another stressor, time to take a rest day?:

Stressed but want to exercise? You still can, but here’s how to do it safely:

Crying and shouting at everyone because you’ve got PMS? Here’s how exercise could help make that time of the month more manageable:


If you’re feeling stressed and need to offload or get advice from other Mums join the BritMums Facebook Group here where you’ll find a supportive community of Mums just like you.

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