Special Needs Round-up: Celebrating SEN uniqueness

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Thank you to everyone who took part in last month’s SEN round-up linky. It’s always wonderful to browse through new blogs and old favourites, and to see the sheer diversity in the way we write. This too reflects the uniqueness of each of our children, our families and us as parents. Which brings me to the first post I’d like to showcase this week from Musings of a 21st Century Stay at Home Mum who asks in 5 Popular Myths About Special Needs,  ‘What are special needs bloggers anyway?’. It’s a post that will get you thinking.

Meriah writes about the uniqueness of every family beautifully on her blog A Little Moxie. Meriah is deaf herself and she has a little girl with Down’s syndrome. I read The Challenges of Being a Deaf Mother with great interest as I realised that what works for one family certainly will not work for the next.

The Uniqueness of our Children

And for as different as all parents are, so are our children. Mama OWL has been creating a pen portrait, a kind of One Page Profile to help her son’s educators understand his needs more easily. It’s hard work, but He’s Worth It. You might find this idea useful for your school age child too.

My Family Ties has been celebrating the uniqueness of her daughter who has ASD and as a confidence-boosting exercise she encouraged her to create a board of attributes she loved about herself. It’s a super idea and led to a very beautiful outcome that makes her daughter feel loved for exactly who she is. You can read Autism: What is Normal? here.

Crystal Jigsaw has been describing her pride at her daughter’s ability to cope with the challenges that face all teenagers in Being a Teenager. Autism needn’t be a barrier with the right support.

Winter Health

With Winter on the way and the snot-o-meter rising in our house, I begin to fret about what may lie ahead for us in the colder months. Flu jabs have been done but I still want to try any means of prevention I can. Chest infections? Bronchiolitis? Another burst ear drum? Keen to try to head illness off before it starts, or at least feel as if I am doing my bit, here’s my list of 5 Mucus Busting Tips that will help diminish catarrh naturally. It’s worth a go at least.

October is Mental Health Awareness Month and this post by Viba for Perinatal Psychiatry struck me as particularly poignant. Beautifully written with complete honesty, Viba talks of the additional support she needed as she processed her daughter’s diagnosis at birth. It’s a post that I think will help many women who wonder if they will ever escape the dark place they find themselves in. Planning a Trip to Italy and Finding Yourself in Holland is a very positive and encouraging read and a reminder to look after ourselves as parents.

Please leave a link to any posts you would like to share with others below, I will visit them all, share and will feature a selection in next month’s round-up.

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A former language teacher and voice-over artist, Hayley is now the Mum of two gorgeous girls, the youngest of whom, Natty, has Down’s Syndrome. She blogs, speaks and writes articles on the subject for all who will read or listen.

Through Downs Side Up she aims to both offer support and encouragement to new families with a diagnosis, and gently change perceptions of Down’s Syndrome from within hearts through beautiful words and photos.

Her daughter Natty is a clothing model and an amazing ambassador for children with disabilities everywhere. She has appeared in The Sun, Mail Online, Bella Magazine and on ITV Daybreak.

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