Skincare: Dry skin, itchy skin? Can 1 cream help it all? #ad

Aquaphor balm on Instagram on BritMums

@Janiegd shows where she keeps her Aquaphor

Many of us have the same problem when it comes to skincare: Too many products. 

We own a cabinet-full of unguents and ointments, most of them underused or never where we need them: salve for chapped lips; moisturiser for scaly legs; day cream for wind-slapped cheeks; high-intensity treatments for cracked hands; cream for ragged cuticles. Plus there is the a variety of potions for our children’s eczema and their sensitive skin, all of it spilling out from drawers and bags.

What if you could replace all those products with one?

Eucerin and BritMum challenged Influencers to see if one balm — Aquaphor — could do all the jobs that we expect from an array of other products. Can one small tube tackle the jobs of a half a cabinet’s worth of products? We found out in the #MyAquaphor Challenge.

mother with son on BritMums

@mama_life_with_boys has replaced all the products in her handbag with one: Aquaphor

What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a balm that creates a breathable protective barrier, allowing oxygen and water vapor to circulate to and from the skin, allowing skin to ‘breathe’ and strengthen its natural barrier function. Formulated with only seven ingredients, Aquaphor is gentle enough to be used on highly irritated skin as well as on sensitive baby skin and also in the nappy area. Aquaphor has been a bestseller in the States for almost 100 years.

A take-it-everywhere cream

To start with, many of our bloggers were impressed by how far it went. “You only need a tiny bit to moisturise effectively,” wrote V of Dancing In My Wellies. She now keeps a tube in her bag to use after washing her hands when out and about. In fact, Aquaphor’s size (the smallest tube is 45ml, meaning it easily stays within the restrictions for airport security) makes it super-portable. You can see just how portable from some of the pictures they’ve posted.


Aquaphor picture from Instagram on BritMums

@Wouldliketobe shows how her Aquaphor fits into her dainty pink bag


Aquaphor cream in Bupaest spa on BritMums

Katya and Kids took her Aquaphor on holiday to a Budapest spa

Meets requirements of choosy users

Stephanie of Our Cherry Tree had a long list of requirements. A cream mustn’t be too thick or gloopy or slimy or smelly or expensive; it needs to absorb easily and feel nourishing. She is (she admits) fussy. Plus her children have eczema outbreaks. Yet she was won over by Aquaphor, finding it easy to use and fuss-free – “a great multi-tasker” (like most mums we know!).

Fab for fabulous manicures

Accidental Hipster Mum has found that Aquaphor gives her back beautiful hands during colder months. “I’ll spend all summer with relatively normal-looking hands, then as soon as the cold weather hits, my dry skin comes back and manicures are off the table,” she says. “It took about five days of me using Aquaphor balm on my hands before my dry skin had disappeared, but I noticed an improvement almost immediately. I celebrated my soft hands with a festive manicure and nail extensions.” An easy way to get gorgeous camera-ready nails.

manicure with aquaphor on BritMums

Accidental Hipster Mum shows off her softened cuticles with a gorge manicure

Good to use on children

“Ever heard of Factitious Dermatitis?” asks Nikki of Glam and Geeky Mum. It’s that sore ring that appears around your child’s mouth when they keep licking their lips, and it’s really hard to get rid of.  “Aquaphor to the rescue!” writes Nikki triumphantly. 

In fact, a good number of parents found the balm beneficial for their children – Rebecca of the Beesley Buzz included useful before-and-after pictures of her daughter’s hands having had the Aquaphor treatment. And there is no shortage of Instagrammers who are using it on their babies’ cheeks, backs and bottoms – ohhidiy and thriftyyorkshiremum have been lavishing it on their little ones. It has been particularly effective on Little Thrifty’s chin rolls.

baby with Aquaphor on BritMums

ThriftyYorkshireMum uses her tube of Aquaphor on the folds of baby’s neck

Simplify your and your family’s beauty & skincare routine

Welshmum simplified her baby bag when out with her son by replacing the myriad products with Aquaphor. “Previously I’d carry a lip balm, a moisturizer [for me] and a skin cream for William. I get chapped lips and dry hands, and William suffers from eczema on his stomach and back,” she says. “It’s allowed me to carry less in my handbag.” (So good for your skin and for your shoulders!)

17 ways these parents used Aquaphor

  1. On eczema anywhere
  2. On hard scaly skin on elbows and knees
  3. In place of makeup primer on flaky or dry parts of your face
  4. On children’s skin around the mouth irritated by repeated licking
  5. On hands each time after washing them to restore moisture
  6. On chapped less as a less slippery option
  7. On dry hands to keep them smooth
  8. On wind-chapped cheeks
  9. To ease itching and irritated skin all over the body
  10. Between rolls of baby’s skin to ease redness and soreness (neck and legs)
  11. As a barrier for hair dye
  12. To help stop blisters by applying to rub spots on feet
  13. On dry cracked heels
  14. On nails and cuticles to prevent those unsightly white areas & prettify your manicure
  15. To keep minor scars pliable
  16. On rosacea in the morning
  17. On angry red nostrils when you have a cold

Where could you use Aquaphor in your family’s beauty and skincare routine?

This post was sponsored by Eucerin. Influencers were supplied with Aquaphor to try. All opinions are their own. 

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