Single Parent Round-up : Hello?

Single parent round-up

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Sorry for shouting. It’s been a while since I’ve written a Single Parent Round-up and I wasn’t sure if you’d know I was back.

Sorry for not being around. It’s been months. The more time that has passed, the harder it’s been to get going but here I am, back and I’m here to stay.

The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 was not good. My Mum was diagnosed with cancer in September and suddenly died in January 2018. It was shocking and painful and still is, shocking and painful but it’s supposed to get better with every day that passes. I’ll let you know how that goes.

There’s no theme to this round up. So many excellent articles have been written by the Single Parent community and so I just wanted to share some with you.

Matthew Blythe -‘Me and the mini mees‘ is a single adopter of twin teenage boys who experienced trauma, early in their lives.

I am in awe of his strength and his devotion to his boys. I have read so many of his blog posts and will be sharing more in the coming months but as it is the first time I have written about this blogger, I wanted to share an article from his blog that was written about the family. It is an excellent introduction and will hopefully lead you, as it has me, to hop from post to post to read how their lives have changed.

One For The Boys

Ellie is a single Mum of two – one boy, one girl. She is a fellow chronic pain sufferer yet she does not let that stop her. Of course she has days when every step is hard to take but you wouldn’t think so from her blog – A Mummy Diary.

Photography is one of Ellie’s passions and you will quickly see why – she is so talented. I couldn’t get over the colours and clarity in her post about a surprise trip to Norfolk last year. She stands tall despite everything she goes through and is an excellent example of a single parent who does not let anything stop her living her best life with her adored children.

Sunsets in Norfolk 

Finally, Vicky who writes as Single Mother Ahoy, is a daily example to me, of a parent who, despite trying to work full time with very little support, constantly strives to be the best parent that she can be.

Vicky has a thirst for knowledge and seems to always be reading a new book, or exploring a way to improve a part of her life. The post that I’d like to share, particularly resonated with me after a challenging day of co-parenting. Maybe I’ll share it with more than just you guys………

5 ways to be more present in your child’s life 

That’s it from me this month. I hope you like the posts I have highlighted and take a look at these talented bloggers.

See you next month – I promise.


Hannah Spannah x

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