Shopping Hauls: Cooler climes, cooler clobber

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This month it’s all about the changing seasons – and what shopping hauls you’ve been picking up in preparation of cooler climes ahead!
Kicking off this month’s topic is Carly Lou from Living Our Best Life, who picked up a huge discounted NEXT clothing haul for her boys’ winter wardrobe.
Carly Lou popped over to Choice, which is a NEXT discount store in Essex, and spent £78.50 for a huge clothing haul.

Amongst her great buys included a set of three long sleeved tops for £9 (from £18), a set of long-sleeved tops which were originally £15, but had been reduced to £7.50 and some thick hoodie tops that had been reduced £7.50 from £16.

Also shopping for her 3-year old and 5-year old kids – at H&M, Debenhams and River Island – was Becca Howell.

Becca vlogged on her best purchases which included a suede biker jacket featuring silver detail in the sale for £15 and some pumps for £7 (from £15) – both from River Island.

From H&M Becca picked up some warmer clothes for the upcoming cooler climes on offer including a long sleeved top for £3 (from £5.99), a charcoal hoodie featuring a skull and some ‘cuffed’ jogging bottoms for £4 (from £7.99).

Clothing confidence

Emma-Louise from Even Angels Fall wrote a blog post many of us can identify with (me included!) on regaining her clothing confidence after putting on weight.

She initially ordered herself some new clothes from ASOS, but ended up returning them all after discovering they didn’t fit her, but after she spotted a discount code from New Look, she placed a new order and ended up keeping around half of the clothes she ordered.

They included a mix of cosy knits and autumnal wardrobe staples, as well as a leopard print scarf. She also managed to pop into Primark to pick up more clothes, shoes and accessories to finish off her autumn wardrobe.

Sinead from Sinead Latham also put together a post on clothing and how she is finally starting to feel comfortable in what she’s wearing.

Her daily style has included everything from Paperbag trouisers and jumpsuits to dungarees and leggings.

Sinead has sensibly decided to build a wardrobe of both investments pieces and budget clothing Some brands that she’s familiarized herself with recently include Monki, PinkClove, ASOS and People.

Meanwhile, Katy from Katykicker dropped a dress size recently and vlogged about what she picked up over the summer, spending around £20 in total.

She had her sights on Primark and her shopping haul included some burgundy coloured leggings for £2.50, a T-shirt for £3, a vest top for £2.50 and a cute pineapple t-shirt (reduced to £1.75!).

A look back…

Talking of clothing confidence, a few bloggers have been writing about what they wore over the summer – and on their holidays.

Kerry from Kerry Louise Norris showcased what she’d been wearing on her summer holidays in Turkey.

I particularly liked the colourful dress that she picked up for both herself and her daughter from Shein.

Both of them look fab in their outfits and Kerry also styled out some other dressed and a jumpsuit.

Michelle from The Willow Tree had to pick out a special occasion dress for a wedding over the summer and opted for a rose pink Boohoo dress with a detailed lace design on the front.

And Emma-Louise from Even Angels Fall picked out some beautiful floral print dresses and outfits from New Look for her summer cruise.

I’m back in October and I’ll be checking out your fancy dress costumes – for kids, for adults – and for Halloween! Feel free to send me your submissions! 

If you’ve picked up a shopping haul I’d love to read or watch what you’ve bought – drop me an email at [email protected] or come and join the #SnappedUp Linky to share with others.

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