Shopping Hauls: Be nifty & get thrifty!

Shopping Hauls Round-up

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I’ve always been a thrifty chick; my mother (a Northern lass) had to scrimp and save while growing up, and she taught me to be careful with money.
So I’m always on the look out for good bargains – but don’t mistake this for cheap and tacky – we’re talking great value for money.

Thrifty Five

Over the last few months I’ve heard more and more bloggers write about a company called Everything 5 Pounds and the feedback so far has been very positive.

Clare at My Money Cottage says that she’s been browsing the site for a few months – but hadn’t committed to buying anything – until now.

In preparation for her holiday, she picked up a few pieces including a selection of tops, some flip flops. She even managed to bag a few items that were £2.50 in the half price sale.

By the sounds of it, Clare was also pretty impressed with her shopping haul. In fact, she mentioned that she had been wearing her flip flops 24 hours a day since they arrived – and she’s clearly impressed.

I’m tempted to give them a try myself – and I’m thinking of treating myself to a summer wardrobe for next year, hopefully after I’ve lost a few pounds!

Five under £5

Sticking with the number 5, Claire from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes outlined her favourite beauty buys and some new products that she’d recently discovered.

A girl after my own heart, Claire is a fan of Benefit, but wanted to opt for something a little cheaper when it came to her brow grooming (and no, she’s not a fan of the ‘stuck-on’ eyebrow look!).

On a whim, she ended up purchasing a couple of brow products from Rimmel – in a powder and clear gel format.

And just to prove you don’t need to spend a crazy amount on beauty goodies, Claire’s thrilled with her cheaper finds, with the gel costing just £3.99 and the powder £5.99.  

The light of my life

Meanwhile, I popped along to Primark on Oxford Circus to see what interior bargains they had in store recently.

I didn’t go in to buy a candle haul, but that’s what I ended up getting – most of the scented candles I chose were only a few quid and most had burn times of 15-hours-plus.

I made a video of my haul, where you can find out my favourite purchases and my plans for displaying them.

My trip to Primark was actually inspired by Sally from The Midway Vlogs, who regularly makes videos about her shopping hauls – especially the thrifty ones where she somehow always manages to pick up a bargain.

Her latest haul included a few visits to Primark with her niece to pick up a huge autumn/winter haul, which you can watch here.

Winter warmers

From one great High Street shop to another, Midlands Family bought a haul from B&M Stores to pick up some general household supplies.

I noticed that her haul included items that you’d typically see as the weather cools – namely Calpol Vapour Plug and Heat Relief Pads!

And when I popped into B&M myself earlier this week, I found myself picking up similar items – funny that!

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