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October – there is little denying that autumn is upon us. The most emotional one in our family always declares it’s a sad time of the year as all the leaves are dying and it’s going to rain.. a lot. Our chirpiest still maintains that it’s a beautiful season with autumn fruits and colourful leaves that shine like gems when it rains.  

Some things are down to a point of view or an opinion, and some things are just fact. Our SEND Bloggers have been busy over the last month sharing their opinions and facts.  But which are which, and which have been covered more? Here’s my best guesses.

Shall we start with an easy one?

FACT – Ordinary Hopes helps all the drivers across the country to understand Blue Badge rules.  This post covers all the possibilities that you were unsure about.  If you’re either interested in daft excuses or not sure if you can park in a blue badge bay, then why not refresh your memory?

FACT – You should never underestimate a non verbal autistic child.  Honestly, you should never under estimate any child, but sometimes people fall into this trap.  If you want to know what happened in an eye-opening ten seconds, then you should visit Faith Mummy and find out. 

OPINION – Stories About Autism runs a description on people’s opinion and ideas of autism based on far off experience (via their sister’s boyfriend’s cousin, or dramatisations on the TV) and calls it out.  Here are the FACTS about what autism is actually like in their house.

FACT – Overnight ferries have alarms.  OPINION – Someone’s Mum wish they didn’t.  If like me recently you know you are headed for disaster and there is little that can be done about it, you will sympathise with this plea.

OPINION – Although there is some science included, I think First Time Valley Mam‘s thoughts on autistic mice research is pretty self explanatory.  PS.  If you have an autistic mouse, she’d really like to see one.  

FACT – Flourishing Warriors’ local parks’ are already ‘Fully Accessible’.  In her OPINION ‘Fully Inclusive’ should be the aim and she’s visiting some with varied success. 

FACT – This Mama Blogs let’s autism parents out there know – they are not alone.  It can feel like it though sometimes. If you are an autism parent, you may like to read the post

OPINION – Bringing Us Together gives us great opinions on what is feels like to enter ‘The SEND Arena‘.  Think Russell Crowe and you’re about half way there. 

So, as a group – I guess we are more about FACTS than OPINION, or at least I think so.  But to end our round-up, we have a NEW FACT – Autism Mumma can go on an escalator.  In a way this last post serves as a reminder. A fact is a thing that is known or proved to be true but it’s possible this can change.  Challenges may change and expectations can be exceeded.  Thanks as always SEND Blogger Community for your posts. Don’t forget to to link up below for next time.

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About Ann .

“Rainbows are too beautiful,” said Anthony. “I just can’t look at them.” Ann says her son’s statement characterizes so much about how her autistic and neurotypical family interacts and interprets the world in their own wonderful way.

Originally a PR and marketing professional for the third sector, Ann now does some lecturing in this topic but spends most of her time being a full time mum and sharing her experiences through her award nominated blog. Ann’s three kids attend different schools and have multiple diagnoses including Autism, ADHD, anxiety and more. Ann is a Trustee on a local disabled children’s charity and speaks at SEND conferences and consultations.