Video Round-up: Hacks!

Well, this month seems to have flown by. Hope everyone settled back into some kind of post-summer routine. This month’s theme for the round-up is hacks. Little things, by other people, to help you get through life just that little easier. We only had a few submissions but they are goodies so, although this post is short and sweet, the videos will hopefully be of huge help to some!

First up is from Fi, A Mum Track Mind, who brings us her top eight tips to make back to school just that little bit easier. Fi has had five or six years of the school run so her tips her well worth a watch. Thank you, Fi, for sharing with us, your organisation skills are to be commended!

Now, for you working mums out there, you have to watch this next video from Sarah, This Mama Life, who brings you her ten top working mum hacks. Sarah chats through menu planning, online shopping, being organised the night before and most definitely getting up early! 

And, finally, the last video is from Jo, from Jo’s Kitchen, who brings us an excellent hack on how to clean your cooker hood and filter. Jo, I’m all inspired to start Spring cleaning and it’s not even Spring! 

For more videos on life hacks, Channel Mum has heaps from days out to cooking as well as fashion and beauty hacks too. Well worth a peruse if you’re looking for those time-saving tips to make life just that little easier.

If anyone has a theme they would like to see included in the round-up, please get in touch. I’m always open to new ideas! 

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