SEND Round-up: Popular places & passionate parenting

Welcome to September’s SEND Round-up.  Some of our kids are heading back to school, some are starting a new one and some are staying at home.   Whichever place works for you and your family is the important thing.  The most popular places are ones that work for us. 

Working for us can mean a variety of things.  The Inclusive Home makes some fantastic points about inclusive homes that may surprise many.  Some of these things are seen in businesses and attractions too.  A Wheelie Great Adventure tells us about her daughter’s sleepover at an accessible aquarium, that really makes her day – and her night!

As Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat writes, people, can make things a success or failure when going out. I believe this is the case in the everyday ordinary places.   And it was this kind of difference that made a special princess day work for Lyla’s Angels at a local cafe.  By contacting the venue and talking about what would work, things worked out well. However, it’s not always the case.  As this passionate mother knows when it’s not all good on the Disney front for her family.  

Passion is certainly something many SEND parents have for their causes. Of course, emotions often run high, as Steph’s Two Girls considers the challenges and the pressure of parenting a sibling of a child with special needs too.  Another tale backing the same idea is by Faith Mummy in her post – The life of an autism sibling.  First Time Valley Mam shares her daily ups and downs, but it’s just part of being an Autism Mumma

Our kids may be different as Someone’s Mum’s son is now realising. But as Our Altered Life declares, the voicing of the worries, fears and natural emotions of having their (or any of our) altered life has made a huge difference to the people who are feeling exactly the same as we do.  Thank you all for your continued contribution to the SEND Blogger Community. You can contact me with any questions about the Round-up and link up your posts for next month. 

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“Rainbows are too beautiful,” said Anthony. “I just can’t look at them.” Ann says her son’s statement characterizes so much about how her autistic and neurotypical family interacts and interprets the world in their own wonderful way.

Originally a PR and marketing professional for the third sector, Ann now does some lecturing in this topic but spends most of her time being a full time mum and sharing her experiences through her award nominated blog. Ann’s three kids attend different schools and have multiple diagnoses including Autism, ADHD, anxiety and more. Ann is a Trustee on a local disabled children’s charity and speaks at SEND conferences and consultations.