September Beauty Round-up: Hair, advice & wellbeing

beauty roundup blog postsThe autumn is here that is for sure. It’s chilli and windy but not that cold. The perfect season in my book – my favourite season. I was born in September so I guess it is normal.

Autumn is the season when we all get back to our yearly routine – schools open their doors, most holidays are over and even my favourite TV shows and programmes are starting again. It is time to relax and enjoy, especially in the evenings as the days are shorter and the dark comes faster.

I’ve been really busy at the beginning of this month – eldest started school, youngest is more active than never and plus because of varicose vein problems everything was a bit harder than usual.

However, I still had time to search for the best beauty posts from our blogging mums.  We have a little bit of everything this month.

New products:

  • The ever so lovely Amanda over on The Ana Mum Diary is reviewing the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE™ Power System range – really happy to see that Amway and their products are still going strong. You see in a different lifetime I use to represent Amway – way back when I was still in university. Really good products but not for all pockets I am afraid.
  • Cuteek is telling us about her Top 10 Makeup Products some really interesting choices here – I am so intrigued about the MUA bronzer.
  • Joy from Joy to the World blog is telling us about the Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion – now I know that the summer is over but sometimes we need to use lotion in the cold weather especially when we have to protect our children.
  • In her monthly favourite products round up , Chrissy includes this time bath bombs – I really like the way they look, moisturizer , perfume, shampoo and nail varnish. You should definitely pop over and see what she has in store for you.
  • Charlie on her blog, Sophia’s Choice she is reviewing the Therapi Honey Skincare Toner – you can always bet that you will find details about organic beauty products on her blog.
  • Lisa is also introducing us to her last month Beauty Buys – some brands I never heard of here.
  • If last month you read on Opposable Thumbs about the Memebox Whole Grain – Korean then why not check Joanne’s post this month and see what the Memebox My Cute Wishlist 2 products are.

Advice &Wellbeing

  • If you ever want to try and make your own hair wax then Lucy has a recipe for you over on her Wonderthrift blog – Easy Homemade Hair Wax
  • The very wonderful Kate reminds us why is all so important to be registered with a GP and look after ourselves in Well being.
  • For the ladies that want to achieve thicker hair and fuller lips then on Handpicked Life, Kizzy is telling us her secrets – I will definitely try her tip about thicker hair for my eldest daughter.
  • On Mummy Mode we find some great tips on Speedy Hair Styling Solutions  – very good advice for all of us who have a nightmare when it comes to styling their hair.
  • Staying in the same area , Louise is also giving us all advice on hair routine.
  • And because is not always about products we use why not read one of the latest posts on Mind Over Matter Blog? Mrs. B is giving us advice about exercise and calories.
  • Mirka on All Baby Advice is reminding us on how important is to always find time for yourself. I am a better mum when I spend some time just with myself.
  • Going back to homemade and natural products then why not check out how Kate is preparing her Coconut and Lavender Body Scrub – it must smell so yummy!
  • Maria over on Tiger Tiles is giving advice about styling toddler hair so if you like her have a little anger with curly hair this is the posy for you. Her little girl is so cute! Plus she is also writing about the Mixed Root System for us ladies.

That is all for this month ladies. I am hoping that autumn brings you happiness and the relaxation you need after the busy summer!

Don’t forget to link up your latest beauty posts 🙂

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