Join us: Easy egg meal hangout to use up leftovers

Egg dish

Eggs can make a meal out of anything and are great to combine with the most common leftovers such as potatoes, carrots, and bacon, making quick and tasty meals that also reduce food waste.

Come discover mums’ favourite British Lion egg recipes in our Shortcut Eggsperts Hangout on Tuesday 7 October at 11:00 BST!

You’ll learn:

  • delicious inspiration using the most common leftovers
  • quick recipes perfect for midweek
  • family friendly meals

The G+ hangout is sponsored by British Lion eggs, familiar to shoppers via the red Lion stamp. You find it on egg boxes and shells and it means that your eggs are British and produced to the highest standards of food safety.

Easy egg for meals with leftovers for families
Tuesday 7 October 2014
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Plus these amazing bloggers will be sharing their best leftover egg dishes:

Circle BritMums on Google+ and mark your calendar! We’ll see you there.

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