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SEND reading suggestions

SEND reading suggestions

I think summer is always a good time to have a book on the go. There are some fantastic reads out there for SEN families. Here is a round-up of books recommended and in some cases written by the SEND blogger community.


100 Way’s Your Child Can Learn Through Play is a fantastic book full of activities designed for SEN kids. Find out how Malin from Sensational Learning with Penguin got on with some activities from the book.

Where to find SEND Information

Steph over at Steph’s Two Girls has lots of recommendations for Books on Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Steph also recently reviewed the helpful Parent Guide to ADHD Medicines.

James from Stories about Autism shares his thoughts on Talking Autism: Parenting your Unique Child. The book is written by Victoria Hatton from Starlight & Stories. In the book Victoria shares her perspectives as both an Autism Specialist Teacher and mother to a child on the spectrum.

Danielle from The Autism and ADHD diaries reviews Robyn Stewards book The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods.

Charlie wrote her book book Our Altered Life detailing her journey following the birth of her twins, one of whom was born with half his face undeveloped.  You can download the first chapter for free here.

Ann over at Rainbows are Too Beautiful shares her top three books for parents of newly diagnosed autistic kids. I also share my favourite books about autism over at The Autism Page.


If you are looking for some fiction then Chris Bonnello from Autistic Not Weird is the author of the Underdogs series. Underdogs is a near future dystopian war novel with a band of neurodiverse students from a specialist school as its heroes.

For the kids

Jeannette at Autism Mumma shares her thoughts on children’s book Autism With Lola by Jodie Isitt from Autism With Love.

Stephanie from Was This in the Plan has written Goodbye Daisy. The book is about her own experiences of explaining to her daughter Daisy’s friends that Daisy has died.  A heartwarming social story that will help support a child through loss of a friend.

Suzie Books by Charlotte Olson are great visual stories to support children with new situations like flying or everyday tasks they need to learn like eating different foods or toileting.

I hope you are all having a great summer and find a bit of time to enjoy a good book at some point.

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Jade is a mum to her two boys aged 7 & 5. Jade began blogging at the Autism Page after her eldest was diagnosed as autistic. She now works in parent support and delivers training about autism. Jade lives with her husband and boys in the West Country, between Bristol and Bath. Follow her on Twitter at @TheAutismPage.