Royal baby boy is a touchstone for us

royal crownCongratulations Kate and Wills on the happy news of your baby boy, The Prince of Cambridge who was born safely yesterday at 4.24pm, weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. It’s not just the family who’s celebrating. Outside Buckingham Palace, across the world and on my twitter feed congratulatory words and happy sentiment were in full swing. Many non-Royalists suprised themselves feeling moved to tears as tweets followed by the hashtage #royalbaby were full of elation.

Of course, any baby being born is wonderful and yesterday history was made as our third in line to the thrown made his debut.

More so, events such as these are cathartic for the public, allowing for an outpouring of feelings (otherwise often suppressed). It’s a bit like watching a movie with our friends; the experience offers an opportunity for us to react and engage more.

The royal birth (like Diana’s funeral — although then we gathered together to mourn) enabled many of us to channel our synchronised happiness. The roller coaster of emotion from anticipating the birth to the final announcement was exciting for many and offered us a chance to live (or relive) our birth experiences vicariously through Kate’s.

In the movies and screenwriting, protagonists are often depicted as having ideal characteristics. They tend to be more attractive, braver, kinder and so on than us. We identify with that idealized version and want to emulate and thus follow them through the narrative and their journey. To some extent Kate & Wills fit that mould. The media and thus we followed their courtship then fairytale wedding and now with an heir born, a boy, we are offered the chance to celebrate with them if we so wish.

Now many are anxious to know his name (I’m predicting George) and then of course to see the first pictures, follow his style and upbringing… and no doubt continue living vicariously through the Royals or being inquistive at the very least. I do hope reporting is balanced and privacy respected and space given.

News of his arrival came 4 hours later, giving the new parents precious time alone with their son before the world knew he was here. These early days are particularly sensitive, when the couple will feel a mixture of elation, shock and no doubt sleep deprivation, if they shun the night nannies of course!

Royalist or not, few can say they dislike babies so let’s raise a toast to the Royal Baby.

I will return to write posts about the baby when relevant points for debate arise. Watch this space.

Now for champagne!

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