How to reclaim your family photo album #sponsored

‘Say cheese! This one’s for the family album.’

Babes About Town vintage pic with father - BritMums

Memories you want to share with your kids: Uju’s picture with Dad and siblings

We may say that but how often is it true? Hands up if you you’re guilty of hoarding masses of photos on your phone/laptop/tablet but never quite get round to sorting, editing and compiling albums let alone sharing them with family? Yep, thought so.

Most of us remember fondly thumbing through old photo albums but in this era of digital photography despite taking more photos than ever, the family album as we once knew it has become a relic of the past.

My Cloud Home device on a shelf - BritMums

The My Cloud Home device can sit attractively on a shelf

In an attempt to reinstate the joy of looking at photos together, BritMums has been working with Western Digital in a paid relationship to bring back the family album with 21st century twist.

Discovering the My Cloud Home

Five of our awesome bloggers were given an WD My Cloud Home, a storage device that plugs directly into a wi-fi router, enabling their family to save and organise all their digital content in one central place. What’s more, it can be accessed anywhere via the app. (Discover exactly how it works and how much it can store in our how-to piece.)

The families were also encouraged to take some time out on a Sunday to sit down as family, select their favourite photographs and share them with each other in regular event to be known as #ScreeningSunday. After all, looking at photographs together can be a fun and bonding experience.

How parents can bring back the family album tradition

John Adams and really entered into the sprit and scanned a lot of old photos for he and his family to go through together. “It’ll be a great way to bring old memories back to life and spend some quality time with the children,” he says. We look forward to finding out how it went. 

Dad Blog UK with daughter - BritMums

‘What’s this? A family photo album!’ Dad Blog UK gets excited about introducing his daughter to the newfangled version

“I miss the days of going round to someone’s house and poring through their family albums,” laments Babes About Town’s Uju who has already started creating a family album on My Cloud Home for her children who never had the chance to meet their grandfather. (The homepage pic of the adorable toddler is Uju as a baby with her mum.)

“I love the idea of establishing old fashioned family values but in a digital world, and I think that’s where My Cloud Home really gives us that advantage,” writes Five Little Doves. She mourns the demise of the old-fashioned photo album and welcomes a new version.


Zena's Suitcase family on BritMums

Help them remember the family outings, like this one of Zena’s, with #ScreeningSunday

“I might be a travel blogger and influencer but I don’t actually share as many pictures as you think,” says Zena at Zena’s Suitcase, which is why she too is embracing the idea of #ScreeningSunday.

“We had great fun looking back at pictures of days out long forgotten and the kids loved seeing themselves a few years ago and could not believe how much they had changed.” said Chelseamamma, who is old enough to remember shooting photos on 35mm and waiting for it to be developed. We’re all glad that’s a thing of the past!

Check out all the posts and discover how you can finally get all those family pictures and video organised on the My Cloud Home website 

Coming soon: Reviews on how families get on with the My Cloud Home piece of kit


This post is part of a sponsored project with My Cloud Home on its Bring Back the Family Album campaign, encouraging families to share and experience their photos and video and to hold a regular #ScreeningSunday.

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  1. 03 May 2018 / 15:27

    I really enjoyed reading the bloggers’ experiences of this device – it’s true, we all take more photos than ever before but displaying or organising them? Just doesn’t get done! This seems like a great solution.