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When October arrives we are full-on into Autumn. The leaves are well and truly turning brown and falling from the trees, the chilly weather is nearly here and we are ever closer to the festive season. The month of October is a long month with a great build-up to Halloween on the 31st. One activity we love to do in October is going pumpkin picking. Choosing the right pumpkin is a lot of fun, along with the carving and what to do with the leftovers. For this months Pinterest roundup I’ve been focusing on pumpkins, and you will find lots of ideas from parenting bloggers on where to find, how to carve and what to make with them here. 

Pumpkin carving

Carved pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween, faces are carved into pumpkins and squashes to light the way for the good spirits into the home. It’s a part of celebrating Autumn. Maria from Suburban Mum is showing us her boys Dinotrux carved pumpkins and how they carved them. Maria’s pin is showing the step by step process and the finished pumpkins. Beth over at Twinderelmo has a great post on 30 pumpkin ideas for Halloween. I particularly like Beth’s pin showing many types of carved pumpkins. Ruth over at Craft with Cartwright has a brilliant selction of free pumpkin carving templates. If you are not a fan of the mess of carving pumpkins, Sarah over at Boo Roo and Tigger Too has a wonderful post on 13 no carve pumpkin ideas. 

Pumpkin crafts

Pumpkins are a great opportunity to come up with activities and crafts for the Halloween season for preschoolers. Cerys over at Rainy Day Mum has a post on the Five Little Pumpkins book by Dan Yaccarino incorporating the themed craft and learning activity inspired by the book. Her pin shows the counting activity, pointing out that it’s for toddlers and preschool. I love this cute idea of a free-standing pumpkin craft from Lyndsay-Rose over at My Family of Roses. The pin created for this craft is perfect for showing the end product as well as the steps to create the free-standing pumpkin. If you are looking for something a bit more sciencey, Louise from Thimble and Twig has a fun activity on how to make pumpkin potions. Looking at Louise’s pin there is loads of fun to be had making pumpkin potions! 

Pumpkin recipes

There are 100’s of things you can do with pumpkins in the kitchen, here are a few of them. Jules from Pondering Parenthood shares her gluten-free pumpkin pie recipe. Angela over at The Inspiration Edit has a fun recipe for pumpkin cupcakes, the pin shares a very yummy picture of the cupcakes. If you are a brownie lover, these pumpkin spice brownies from She Eats look deliciously moist and great with a hot chocolate on an Autumn afternoon. 

Where to find a pumpkin patch in England

To take part in the above carvings, crafts, and recipes you are going to need pumpkins! Here is a list of places to go for pumpkin picking in the different regions of the UK. 


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Halloween pumpkin carving, crafts & recipes on Pinterest
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