Rants Round-up: School holiday hell

Hello there and welcome back to the monthly BritMums Rants Round-up! The place for rants, raves and mini breakdowns. If you’ve ever cried over spilt milk (painstakingly expressed breast milk) or lost the will to go on because all you can hear is “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy…” then jump on board this whinge wagon and find yourself a friend!

With the Easter holidays looming, I thought I’d have a good old moan about that. Why not? Nice and jolly.

The trouble is and I’m sorry but I don’t particularly enjoy the school holidays. Well no, that’s not fair – I can and I do enjoy them for the first four or five days – the first week even. It’s just that lengthy school breaks can be quite well … lengthy can’t they? Lengthy and majorly intense, like you’re all under a microscope of ‘must have fun, must do stuff, must make memories’.

A school holiday longer than a week messes up all my carefully crafted routines. I mean for a week you can keep up with the usual wake time and meal times and whinge times. But after 7 days, people start to deviate from the agreement. They want to go to bed later, wake up earlier, eat lunch for breakfast. They want to make things at 6am.


It all just gets a bit too much for me to be honest and you can read more about me losing it here! But it’s ok, because as it turns out I’m not the only one who feels like this. Emma Reed also can’t cope with the holiday strops and constant complaints about being bored!

Sarah from Digital Motherhood explains why lengthy school holidays can be so stressful for working parents. The increase in childcare costs and having to plan every day in advance can be so demanding.

Karen over at The Mad House of Cats and Babies is wondering why family attractions don’t prepare themselves better for the sudden influx of school kids and families during the holidays. Why is there never enough staff or bloomin’ coffee?

Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine can give you 17 reasons why the holidays suck when you have small children. Numbers 8 and 13 are all too familiar!

And finally, a blog post I’ve book marked from Lisa at Mumma Scribbles about being more organised whilst the kids are off school. I failed miserably at this over half-term, all hope of getting any work done went out of the window!

So good luck and godspeed! I hope your Easter break is fun and if not, made more tolerable by all the bags of Mini Eggs.

Sarah x


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