Rants Round-up: Knickers in knots

Welcome to the first ever BritMums Rants Round-up. A place to stand up on your soap box, get your knickers in a knot and fist bump the air in agreement. For all those moments that you’ve rolled your eyes, looked on in disbelief or muttered under your breath “seriously though?” 

Here is a monthly round-up winging its way to you on a tide of rants, raves, frustrations and blatant exasperation. Hopefully here you will find a kindred spirit or two – someone who finds your current peeve as ridiculous and as outrageous as you do!

I love nothing more than writing an annoyance fueled opinion post. It’s a great way to vent frustrations and give the World a piece of my mind. Recently I received a letter from my sons school congratulating him on his excellent attendance rate. But is it really fair to praise children with consistently good attendance rates and by default penalise those who don’t? A lot of children have “poor” attendance rates due to chronic illness or issues beyond their control. I’m also not sure that I want my son starting life thinking that just showing up is enough. You can read more of my ranting on this subject here!

Someone else who is full of the rage regarding school related issues is Emily at Twin Mummy and Daddy. She’s asking why people fret so much about the non essential elements of school uniform. Surely reflective strips on shoes cannot have a negative affect on education? 

Speaking of education, Erica a.k.a The Incidental Parent is questioning the benefits of baby groups  for…well, actual babies and if Mum’s actually enjoy going to them?! And Amy Treasure wants you to know why she will never be a Gentle Parent because she believes in rules and boundaries.

You can enjoy yourself a few choice swear words in both these posts 😉

Danielle over at Someones Mum is struggling with the SEN processes that are supposed to be in place for her son. She explains why the existing systems are letting him and their family down and why the current provisions are just not enough.

A blogger after my own heart, Ami has put pen to paper telling people to stop commenting on her baby bump. Seriously what is it with people? No one should be saying anything but lovely nice things to pregnant ladies ever! 

Elsewhere in the blogging world Emma from IslandLiving365 has been dealing with, what can only be described as ‘Jersey’s Worst Human Being’. A house buyer that mucked them about, cost them money and caused them to lose their new home. Please sling some mud in this guys direction if you ever come across him!

My top rant this month came from Hannah over at Budding Smiles. She’s sick of MLM Con-Artists who advertise work from home jobs that are in truth are nothing more than nonsense pyramid schemes. She’s had enough of false advertising targeting parents that work from home and under no circumstances does she want to join your cult, I mean Facebook Group!

That’s all the ranting for this month folks, I’ll see you in March for some more frenzied fuming!

Sarah x


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