Post-40 Bloggers Round-up: If you read only one post – Down’s Syndrome

Post40 bloggers round-up

This month, the post I would like to share from our post-40 blogging community as the one not to be missed is ‘How Would you Use your 13 Minutes?’  – featuring Down’s syndrome campaigner and mother, Hayley Goleniowska. In this post, Hayley takes us through her nerve-jangling journey of preparing to give a TEDx talk around the birth of her youngest child, Natty.

In the words of TEDx:

Hayley will challenge you to think differently about Down’s syndrome, talking honestly about overcoming fear. Hayley is gently changing perceptions of Down’s syndrome with her powerful words. She is the founder of award-winning blog Downs Side Up, which offers encouragement and advice to new families with a Down’s syndrome diagnosis.

And gentle is exactly the right word to describe Hayley and her methods of persuasion. We are compelled to listen to her not by a browbeating of her message, but by one of gentle speech and understanding of the parenting experience wherever we all are on that particular spectrum.

How would you use 13 minutes to tell the most important story of your life thus far? This is how Hayley used hers to beautiful (and gentle) effect:

YouTube VideoOvercoming the Fear of Down’s Syndrome

Downs Side Up blog postTedX: Down’s Syndrome – Beyond the Barrier of Fear

Post-40 Bloggers’ featureHow Would You Use Your 13 Minutes?

Find Hayley also on:




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