Post-40 Bloggers Round-up: If you read only one post – Worry

Post40 bloggers round-up

My first recommended post in 2018 from the post-40 blogging community, is one I wrote at the top of the year. It was on the subject of worry and worrying (Strength in Worrying Less).

We are sometimes told to “Oh, just stop worrying” as though these words are magic beans, and reminds me of an episode of a programme called Hoarders. The show depicts the often out-of-control lives of people addicted to hoarding anything from books to rats.

In this episode, the brother of a chronic hoarder swooped in, bypassing the clean-up professionals.  He ignored the psychologists employed to get to the root of his sibling’s mental illness, and just started throwing things away.

“There,” he said in pride when finished, “all done.”

The psychologist looked at him and said:

“That’s like taking a bottle away from an alcoholic and saying, ‘”There, you’re cured.’”

I am somewhat recovered from needless worry but can slip back.

But sometimes we’re not looking for a blog post to fix us. Sometimes it’s enough to know there are others like us out there. That we are not alone when we step onto our own road to recovery.

I hope you find something of value in Strength In Worrying Less if worry is exhausting you the way it did me.

Until next month, my best, Mel


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