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Post40 bloggers round-upIn a month where we had International Day of the Girl, I read one post which has stayed with me in the subsequent days.

As parents, most of us try to do our best. As a person first, we do not suddenly become super beings when we have children. We are people who become parents and bring to that role the same good, bad and frailties that make us human.

With the best will in the world, sometimes it’s just not enough when raising little people.

Suffice it to say, The Chimping Dandy’s post, originally entitled ‘My Girl’s Mad At Me (I think),’ is one of the most poignant homages I’ve read to a child. I cannot say much more because it will spoil the nub of the piece.

My recommendation this month, then, for the post you should read to the end is ‘My Girl.’ Read to the end and then go back into the parenting arena even more determined to keep on, well, just keeping on.

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See you next month with another pick from talented bloggers and writers aged 40+. And do join us if you would like a chance to have your blog or work regularly read for features on the Post-40 Bloggers’ content-rich website. Who knows, it might be your post filling this coveted BritMums spot next month!

Until then, my best.

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