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On Saturday 21 July 2018, women and bloggers across the globe threw off their body insecurities and donned bikinis and swimsuits in the spirit of the late Kate Sutton.

Aged 48, and formerly blogging fiercely and authentically at ‘Wit Wit Woo,’ Kate had died days before of a sudden stroke.

When she was with us, Kate inspired and challenged women to embrace self-acceptance, no matter what we looked like (or thought we looked like), what we weighed or which bits of us we believed not good enough. It is therefore beautifully fitting then that BritMums in their BiBs Awards 2018 have awarded the Inspire category to Kate.

And it was at a BritMums blogging conference where I first met Kate – and we talked for hours. Heavier then, Kate talked of “losing some weight,” but what stood out was her quest for self-love in that endeavour. Someone seeking to change physically but determined not to turn to self-loathing whilst doing it, was a revelation to me.

That is the Kate who regularly showed up on social media at various stages of her fitness journey. We laughed and cried with her and each post made us a little braver.

Enter Kate’s trending hashtag on Twitter – #BeMoreWitWitWooBe More Wit Wit Woo.

Tanya Barrow, blogging at Mummy Barrow, headed the charge on Saturday as hundreds of women disrobed. Aspiring to #BeMoreWitWitWoo, the throwing off of clothes, inhibitions and body insecurities also publicised the funeral fundraiser to help Kate’s two sons, Ben and Dexter. The donation page is still open here.

The post I am therefore signposting this month is the one I wrote for Kate, because in its writing I finally realised why she touched me so deeply. The post is called ‘God, I Wish I’d Been More Kate Sutton Growing Up.’

RIP, Kate.

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  1. 27 July 2018 / 12:47

    She helped me cope with my marriage break up in 2009 via Twitter. An inspiration

    • 27 July 2018 / 13:10

      Indeed she was, Becky. Thank you for reading.