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Dad bloggers nowadays write about such a diverse range of topics. I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting posts for my round-ups. So this month I’ve decided to focus on the important (and not-so-important) questions we raise on our blogs, plus some of the activities we get up to with our children.
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Important questions

Blogs have always been a great platform for posing questions about serious issues. They’re also great for posing insightful and interesting questions about trivial issues – and every shade of grey in between.

Zen from DADult Life ponders What I learnt from an absent father. His own response is raw and pulls no punches. But he zooms in on a crucial point that has informed his own approach to fatherhood. “I would never become anything like him when I became a dad.” Our own values and behaviours are inevitably shaped by our parents and sometimes it’s the desire not to make the same mistakes as our parents that is more important than how we emulate them. 

Should you holiday without your kids? Benny (Daddy Poppins) poses this simple yet complex question. Is it acceptable? Does it depend on the ages of your kids? How long you’re aware from? Other factors? It’s a question without a simple answer that divides parents. What do you think?

Dave from The DADventurer has been a stay-at-home dad for over three years again but can foresee a day when he has to return to the workplace. He lists a set of Transferable parenting skills to add to my CV should he need to start applying for jobs in the future. Patience and leadership skills feature prominently on his list. You go on believing that you have some kind of say in the running of your household, Dave …

Leigh aka DadGeek looks to the future, getting input from fellow parents as he asks What geeky interests will you pass on to your children? This covers everything from a love of board games to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Less serious but equally geeky, Mark (The Honest Father) notes that Physics and superheroes do not mix. He questions several examples where the powers or capabilities of some of our favourite comic-book heroes require significant suspension of disbelief. In real life they just wouldn’t be possible, at least not according to the laws of physics. Like Mark, I’ve always been amused at how the Hulk always rips his shirts but never the waistband of his trousers when he transforms. Modesty and the avoidance of public indecency trump all, it seems.

What shall we do today?

What do you do when you have a day free to spend with your kids? Decisions, decisions. 

Stephen (Nomadidaddy) had a novel approach to deciding how to spend his day. In Instagram decides our day he turns to his social media followers to help him with his choices via a series of Instagram Stories polls. Go to the swimming pool or the woods? Strawberry picking or duck feeding? What to eat for lunch and dinner? You’ll have to watch his video to find out how his day panned out.

Darren from Familyalife took his daughter den building at nearby Sheffield Park. National Trust venues are favourite haunts for us too. We’ve visited all the ones within an hour’s drive of us multiple times. And it’s pleasing that an old school activity such as den building retains a timeless appeal even for 21st century kids.

Finally, not so much an activity as an endurance event, Si (Triplet Dad) celebrated his triplet daughters’ first birthdays with photo shoots and cake smashes. It wears me out just thinking about it!

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  1. 26 July 2018 / 09:52

    Its good to see lots of new dad bloggers on the scene together with the old school still going strong 🙂