Positively Inspirational Round-up: Heatwave

inspiration round upWhat a scorching few weeks we have had, here in the UK. Some days have even been a little too hot for me, but I’m not complaining as it is very nice to have a decent summer for a change.  The warm weather inspires me as ideas for the garden race around my head. New pond, new plants, freshly dug veggies and picked fruit. I feel so alive in the summer and I love nothing more than to find a shady spot and read lots of inspirational blog posts.

Kicking off this weeks round up is the lovely Michelle from Mummy From The Heart. Michelle has always been an inspiration to me, she was one of the first UK parenting bloggers that I stumbled upon back in 2008. The UK community was practically non existent back then and I was thrilled to find her, and then later join in with her R2BC linky . Anyway, Michelle and her gorgeous family have finally all moved into their wonderful new home. Have you seen where they are starting their new life together? It is totally amazing and you can pop over and see it in her post  Were Here .

Mum of 3 World  Is such an inspiration Running two half marathons a year, what a woman! Her recent post Sliding Doors got me thinking about everything in life happening for a reason.  Mum of 3 ponders over her life and if she hadn’t of gone on a certain course or attended a certain university where would she be now.  Even though She didn’t enjoy her course or Uni she has no regrets as they have led her to where she is now and to her beautiful family.

Dorky Mum  is a brave inspirational Lady, upping sticks and moving across  to the other side of the World, Tasmania, completely changing her life and that of her Family.  The One Where We Move House Again is full of anticipation, fear, excitement and dreams of a new life.

Ojo’s World  reminds us that it isn’t just girls who suffer with issues regarding their image, boys do too.  In her thought provoking blog post Teenage Angst, she speaks out about the many images on billboards and magazines that sell aftershave and products aimed at men. Pointing out how many of them do not show ‘normal’ looking men, but instead chiseled chins, perfect 5 o’ clock shadow and a rippling 6 pack. How are young boys supposed to live up to this false image?

Water Birth Please  has an inspirational dog. I think a lot of pet owners can relate to her post You Have Only Us. I felt a lump in my throat as she talks about her loyal old pal, Fizz and how much she appreciates his devoted friendship.

I do enjoy a good love story and Late For Reality shares hers in the post Our Story. This story even  had me saying “Awww” out loud. A gorgeous couple who have known each other since childhood and reconnected in 2008. Such a sweet, inspirational love story.

Hope you have enjoyed this months round up and Michelle will be back next month with the round up for September.

Mama SyderMama Syder is a 43 year old married Mum of four and a Grandmother to one from Essex, who has been blogging over at ‘The Syders’ for nearly five years. A thrifty Mama, she lives a simple lifestyle while keeping chickens, growing her own vegetables, homeschooling, sewing, crocheting and enjoying the small things in life. Always on the lookout for a bargain, you’ll usually find her rummaging in her local charity shop as she collects vintage items for her home and retro caravan ‘Bertha’.

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  1. 03 August 2013 / 18:41

    Thank you so much for including me! I really appreciate that. I’m not often called inspirational.

  2. 04 August 2013 / 22:17

    Ohh a nice mix there, I’ll go and have a read tomorrow. Cheers Mich x

  3. 06 August 2013 / 18:14

    Thank you so much! I’ve never been included in anything! 🙂 x