Positively Inspirational Round-up: Self care, wellbeing & positivity

Inspirational round-up

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I’ve had self care and fitness on my mind a lot at the moment, as I’m sure a lot of the UK has!  Did you set a resolution for New Year around fitness? Vai who writes at Rambling Through Parenthood wrote about making new years resolutions stick in case you’re struggling to keep motivated!

My own intentions for the year definitely revolve around becoming more fit, healthy and taking care of myself both physically and mentally. My overarching goal is to be as strong as possible so I can serve myself, my family and those around me to and to live the best life possible (without falling in a heap at the weekends)!

Hodge Podge Days wrote a great posts about 28 self care habits we could all adopt to help with our wellbeing.

After all, one cannot pour from an empty cup, as the saying goes!

Vicki at Honest Mum shared 5 ways to wellbeing.  As someone who has had 3 bouts of depression (PND and grief led) I can testify to how important it is to exercise, have fun and surround yourself with good people.  Thankfully for me too, each time becomes much less, much less severe and my toolkit is full of ‘what to do if…’.

A big part of self care for me comes with prioritising my mental health and practising mindfulness and gratitude every day. Kate over at Refined Prose is also promoting positivity over on her blog! Kate and Mim have teamed up to run a new project called My Positivity Project.  There’s a Facebook group for supportive chat and inspiration.  I’ve signed up and would love to see you there too!

I read this absolute gem of a post from the gorgeous Leigh Kendall from Looking for a Bright Side blog.  I find all of Leigh’s blog posts positively inspirational if I’m being honest, it’s always hard to choose just one.  The post Five Things Life is too short for hits the nail on the head.  Life is a blessing and I intend to grab it with both hands!

Ceri over at This Welsh Mother made me chortle about her love letter to a breton striped top, because I have 2 of my own wardrobe! Laughing is a great way to relieve stress and inject some fun into your day!

Enjoy the first signs of spring and take care of yourself, I’ll see you back here for the April Round-up!



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