Education Round-up: Languages, STEM & frogs

We are back with a jam-packed edition of the education round-up, while January was filled with rain it also saw the start of a bright new year, my middle daughter visited a toy museum to learn about toys from the Victorian era. My eldest who is home educated started taking a deeper dive into coding, which is utterly fascinating, and the smallest? Well, she is flexing her storytelling skills more and more. 

Now, over to the brilliant Britmums submissions for February! 

STEM –  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

What can you make with a packet of jellybeans, some cocktail sticks and a pinch of innovation? The answer is hours and hours of building. What a brilliant way to get tactile with some architecture. Jane from HodgePodgeDays shows us how to get building pronto. 

Ever wondered how to make your own bouncy balls with the kids? Karen from Grumpyishmum gives us a step by step guide to creat the bouncy ball and makes STEM more accessible and affordable from home. Great post! 


Language – Raising Bilingual Children

Kristie, from Mammaprada, started a new series in January, focusing on raising bilingual children. Learning any language can be pretty tough, however, kids are such great sponges I’ve loved seeing the progress between week one and week three. 


At home with…

Enchanted Pixie, Polly takes us through the motions of getting back into the swing of it all after Christmas and New Year. It’s a beautiful post that outlines the autonomous nature of home education. A lovely post and I hope they all have a lovely year of learning from home! 


Crafty Ideas – Paper Plate Frog

Jemma, from Thimble & Twig, have a whole frog themed craft and reading session, including a frog sandwich! There is even a handy printable to help with rhyming words. Step by step guide and great fun. 


Tips and tricks

Steph, from Renovation Bay-Bee, gives us a brilliant and informative post on how to help your left-handed children thrive. Angles, lighting and the right equipment all matter and Steph shows us how to give the best support at home. 


A final word…

An utterly gorgeous and emotive post between a mother and her daughter’s teacher. 

For fifteen long months I have sat here each day with a tight knot of angst in the pit of my stomach, checking the clock, counting down the minutes, feeling completely on edge until twenty past three when I could go to school, pick up Eva and soothe away her worries.

Laura, from Five Little Doves, delivers a beautiful post that is worth making a cup of tea and grabbing a tissue for. 

That’s it for this month if you want to submit something for next month feel free to tweet me @mojoblogs, email or catch my musings on my blog Until next time!

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  1. 15 March 2018 / 09:39

    Thank you so much for featuring Mammaprada, I’m delighted to us amongst such a great group of educators.