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Meme’s on ‘being present’ instead of buying presents have started flying around the internet.  Every year we say the same thing.  Have we forgotten what Christmas is all about?

Every year we say Christmas is too extravagant.  And every year we overspend.  

Or undervalue those closest to us.  

Or forget the elderly neighbour over the road.

Have we really forgotten the real reason for Christmas?  Or do we just like to beat ourselves up (or others for that matter).  Because to really ENJOY Christmas is to be overindulgent and selfish.

Or is that just how I feel?

Because sometimes we can feel guilty can’t we? As mum’s.  For being swept along with the fun, festive and frivolous.  So we share the meme’s to make ourselves feel better and bring ourselves down a peg or two.

Except we end up feeling slightly rubbish because really we want to enjoy the season as much as anyone else.

Let’s face it, Christmas is just the time of year people do things for others we should be doing all year round.

Whether you’re a believer in the nativity story or not. The story is one we return to again and again.

Its lessons are numerous and innocent.  Impacting and relevant.  Today just as much as then.

As you gather your loved ones near to you this Christmas, stay in the present.  Hold your loved ones, tell them you love them and appreciate them.  Show them in gifts.  Or don’t if you can’t.

Just don’t delay sharing your love.  Don’t delay a second longer.  Whether you read this at Christmas or a few months from now.

Extravagant with love is always good.  

Extravagant with your time is priceless.  

Extravagant with kindness goes way beyond.


Extravagance is good.  And not just for Christmas.

This is my last post as Positively Inspirational Editor.  I’m handing over the reins to the super mummy blogger Georgina Clarke who will bring you her own dose of positivity from the new year.

Happy December and remember.  Christmas is for you too.

Thanks for reading!

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