Politics Round-up: Young voters & food poverty

politicsMy daughter turns 18 in three months time, just a little too young to vote in the European and Local elections at the end of this month. Mary from Keynko‘s daughter has hit the milestone just in time, and Mary’s post talks about her pride in her children’s interest in politics and looks at the broader issues of whether young people are interested in politics. The Fish and Chips blog looks at the same issue, with reference to MP Rushanara Ali’s campaign to engage with first time voters. It is a subject close to my heart, and one I wrote about a while ago now, I really hope that we can convince young people that politics needs them and that their vote is important, whoever they choose to give it to.

The Daily Mail appear to have struck a bum note with their recent attack on food banks, specifically the Trussell Trust. The article resulted in a huge increase in donations to the charity, and inspired several of you to get writing. Mummy Glitzer wrote a fantastic response from the perspective of a food bank user.  Julie’s Notebook was inspired to take a visit to her local food bank to see first hand the work they are doing. Mummy Do That took part in the living below the line challenge, and raised money for her local food bank along the way – find out how she got on in a series of posts starting here. Chocolate Is Not The Only Fruit looks at the demonisation of the poor in some quarters, and how often it is the working poor relying on food handouts.

We are fast heading towards the Scottish referendum on independence, we have a special article dedicated to sharing the views of some of our bloggers north of the border but also take a look at what Ellen from In A Bun Dance learnt when she attended the Scottish Women in Business debate on the topic.

One last thing before I disappear for the month, the BiBs shortlists have been announced, and I would just like to give a mention to those brilliant bloggers on the Commentary and Campaigns shortlist. Whether directly discussing politics, or campaigning for subjects close to their hearts, these bloggers are all doing their bit to improve the world we live in – and for me that is bottom line what politics should be about – making things better. Take a read of their blogs and give your favourite a vote here.

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