Introducing the BritMums Live Butterflies 2014

anya harris

Hello everybody, I’m Anya Harris and I write at Older Single Mum.  I’m Head Butterfly at BritMums Live this year and, having worked as part of the team at the last conference, I’m aware of how much difference we make to newbies as well as old hands and am proud to be involved.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed in such a sizeable venue where 500 excited and chatty delegates dash from person to person, session to studio and discussion den to tea to cake, so we’re around to support those who get a few ‘Butterflies’ if it all gets too much.  I’ll be giving some tips about how to get the most out of us as well as the whole event in a later post, but let me first introduce you to the (mostly new) crew:

clare anderson butterfly

Also from last year’s BritMums Butterflies is Clare Anderson (@seasiderclare) – I blog at Seasider in the City about life with a nearly 7 year old in a family obsessed with golf and I work as a Social Media Manager for a Health Club and Spa Chain.  Being a BritMums Butterfly is so much fun. In this, my 3rd year donning the wings, I hope to welcome a lot more new faces through those doors as well as catching up with all the friends I’ve made previously.

ericka walker

Eager to join us in June is Ericka Waller (@ErickaWaller1) who describes herself thus – Flustered mum of three. Very proud winner of the Bibs Family blogger 2013. Blogging about my crazy life at Mum in the South. I write for babycentre and the ABC parent magazine, am fumbling my way through my first book when I get a second to myself, always look like I fell out of a bin and my kids don’t do anything I tell them.

sarah miles

Sarah Miles (@_sarah miles_) is next.  She writes three blogs, her main one being Hello Wall… She says ‘I started in 2010 to preserve my sanity. I’m still in denial about turning 40 last year and spend any free time writing poetry and drinking good wine, often simultaneously, which can have interesting results…’

sarah hanison

Some of you will remember another Sarah (@Older_Mum) from last year’s Blogger’s Keynote, when she read out (and sang) one of her posts ‘Birth Day.’  She has been blogging at Older Mum (in a Muddle) for nearly three years and says she has post-natal illness to thank for it all.  She has had short pieces published in 100 Little Words on Parenthood, recently self-published her first anthology of prose, Seasons of Motherhood, and is currently writing her first full length piece of fiction. She adds that she is also ‘a cheese cake loving short arse.’

jenny soppet smith

We are also delighted to have Jenny Soppet Smith (@cheetahsinshoes) in the team.  She writes at Cheetahs In My Shoes which she describes as ‘mixing photography with the real life challenges of ninja-ing our way round the NHS and the Education system as well ‘normal’ family life, my Kitchen Aid and plenty of fresh air.’  Aside from blogging she runs her own business supporting small companies with web design, social media and business administration consultancy.


The lovely Liska (@NewMumOnline) was an honorary Butterfly last year, earning her wings by anchoring the coffee shop pre-conference meet up.  She has blogged at since 2009, mainly about adventures with her son Aaron, her pride and joy and says the blogging community has given her a lot over the years.  This will be her fourth BritMums Live in a row and she declares ‘It’s always great for socialising, networking and taking your blog to the next level.’

nadine hill

And lastly we have Nadine Hill (@businessmum), the BritMums Video Round-up Editor (so watch this space!).  She blogs at and professes to be an internet junkie and obsessive about time management.  She says ‘I love to find more effective ways of doing the daily juggle whilst enjoying the journey and have lots of practise through raising my two children, managing my small businesses, being a best-selling author, running our home, public speaking and finding time to get to the gym.  I enjoy vlogging on my YouTube channel because it allows me to pretend I’m on the telly!’

So that’s us this year.  We’re a friendly ‘flight’ to use the correct term!  Please say hello to us on Twitter (#BritMumsButterflies) or, better still, chat with us and other bloggers in the official BritMums Butterflies Facebook group which is still open from last year.  Anyone can come in any time, we’re there for everyone.  If you’re not already a member, just request to join and we’ll get cracking on quelling those ‘Butterflies.’

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About Anya Harris

Anya is a part time blogger and would be full time writer. She blogs at Older Single Mum and at The Healer, is admittedly ancient and belatedly blessed with two young boys. Her background is evenly divided between being a Money Broker in London’s Money Markets and working in the Healing Arts. Having straddled these two worlds and now finding herself immersed in the parenting one, she chats about anything that will make us laugh, including her Foreign Language Students, from whom she’ll also pinch and share a recipe when we’re lucky. She welcomes a ‘Hello’ on Twitter at @anyaharris01.


  1. 09 May 2014 / 11:50

    I know that #britmumslive is just around the corner when the butterflies are announced! Woo hoo!

  2. 09 May 2014 / 12:42

    I’m wondering if I should buy some ‘wings’ from Claire’s Accessories before the big event?!

  3. 09 May 2014 / 12:58

    Yay! can’t wait ladies – not long now. Looking forward to some Butterflies hi 5’s and hugs 🙂

  4. 09 May 2014 / 13:23

    I am glad I have an excuse to flap now, that’s what butterflies do right? Or do they just flutter. Let me practice fluttering.
    See you all with hugs in abundance.
    Liska x

  5. 09 May 2014 / 15:02

    A great line up, I’ll be sure to come and say Hi to you all

  6. 10 May 2014 / 15:50

    Looking forward to meeting you all. 🙂 xx

  7. 12 May 2014 / 22:16

    Looking forward to meeting you all there. It’s my 1st time, and although excited I’m somewhat nervous!

    • 15 May 2014 / 20:40

      Don’t worry Jo, it’s what we’re here for – we’ll have you palled up with some fellow bloggers and having a great time in no time!

  8. 12 May 2014 / 23:17

    Can’t wait to get ‘flitting’ and saying hello to everyone! Nadine, I feel wings are a must, as are deeply boppers!

    Just me? *gets coat*