Politics Round-up: Page 3 and other stories

politicsWelcome to the first politics round-up of 2015. This should be a fascinating year politically, and as we head towards the general election I am hoping to be able to share the views of plenty of parent bloggers – on the issues that worry them, what they would like from politicians and how they will vote.

The topic that got the most coverage from the parent blogging community this month was definitely the end/not end of Page 3. After some initial excitement at it’s demise, it was it’s reinstatement that really set us all writing.

Rachel In Real Life writes on how it was the return of Page 3 after it’s brief hiatus that made her change her stance from not bothered to a supporter of the No More Page 3 campaign.

Hills and Daffodils looks at why she has a problem with Page 3 and it’s juxtaposition within a publication that purportedly also shares factual stories, and concludes that maybe we should just ditch buying The Sun.

PetitMom comes from a different standpoint, feeling that the naked form is something to be celebrated in many ways and that banning Page 3 would be a form of censorship.

Mums The Word discusses her complicated feelings about the topic – feeling that even though she is anti- censorship and has no issue with nudity, she still doesn’t feel 100% comfortable about Page 3.

And staying with Mums The Word – her post asking  ‘What does a homeless person look like?’ reflected our own families current situation. I find it astounding that it is so hard for a working family to find a home in the current climate, and that if you are in a good financial situation it is hard to access any help from the council housing department. If you are reliant on rented accommodation it is very easy to suddenly find yourself in a precarious housing situation through no fault of your own.


DadBlogUK shares his thoughts on Labour’s plans for paternity leave and you can watch his appearance on the Channel 4 news discussing the topic.

Donna Navarro was inspired to write her post after hearing that an anit-feminist party was planning to stand in Nottingham in the general election, she looks at the current state of feminism and why it isn’t going to go away.

Mums Do Travel discusses the topic of term time holidays with a look at the rules in other countries, some more draconian than ours even, some far fairer.

Being Mrs C starts the election year wondering about career politicians after two local councillors stood down very early in their terms in order to be electoral candidates elsewhere – can this sort of behaviour be deemed to be serving the people they undertook to represent?

KiddyCharts looks into who should be responsible for protecting our children online, and should the government being doing more?

Following the Charlie Hebdo attack, Franglaise Mummy writes informatively and passionately about her concerns that France may be on the brink of civil war.

That concludes this months round-up, as always please do point me in the direction of your political posts, the blogosphere is a big place and it is easy for me to miss something awesome if not given a nudge – you can find my contact details in the box below. See you next month.

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