Poetry & Prose Round-up: Writing in a winter wonderland

photo (10)It’s December! Who’s excited? *Jumps up and down* Me! Me! Yes, I must confess to being a huge fan of the festive season – the sparkly lights, the music, the feeling of good will… and the mulled wine, chocolate and mince pies too.

This season definitely lends itself to writing my roundup – I’m currently curled up in front of a crackling fire with a mug of hot chocolate, to which the poetry and prose of our talented community is the perfect accompaniment. So why not join me? Pour yourself a drink, nestle down in your chair and I’ll shower you with creative treats.

‘Tis the season of goodwill, so it’s apt that so many of you wrote about love this month. Lucy at The Parent Game wrote a touching poem about unconditional love (with a brilliant twist), Kyles at Pickles and Pords proved herself a woman after my own heart with her ‘Ode to a Library‘ and Jo at Fifty Something Fruitcake wrote a poem for her husband which made me a bit misty-eyed.

Love for children also inspired Yvette at Big Trouble in Little Nappies to write ‘My Love, You Are Loved‘, a piece which I felt perfectly captured the complex feelings we have as we watch our children grown and change. These feelings also shone out of Ojo’s World‘s heartfelt poem for her son as he becomes more independent, and from Louise at Mum in the Middle‘s poignant poem for her twelve year old daughter.

With love sadly can come loss, and this was captured beautifully by Mum Turned Mom in this tribute to her wonderful friend, and by The UnCheshire Wife whose heart-wrenching poem was written in memory of a friend’s son. Leigh at Headspace Perspective, who suffered the loss of her own son, reminded us of the importance of tears in this powerful piece while Victoria at VeViVos wrote touchingly about memories and what they leave us to hold on to.

I suspect that awful events in the news recently have put many of us in reflective mood. Certainly this poem from Cara at Oh We Do Love To Be… made me consider the importance of having somewhere to call home while Sara’s poem reminded me to take the time to appreciate what I have. Susie at Glasgow Dragonfly made me ponder the profound impact that motherhood has upon us while Lisa’s Life‘s piece is a reminder of the multiple possibilities life holds.

On my own blog this month I pondered the power of words and quoted Martin Luther King, Jr., who said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” This is something I strongly believe and I was reminded of it in this gorgeous poem by Becky at Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl – a new day will always dawn, and with it, hope.

Finally, my roundup would not be complete without a bit of giggle, and I laughed out loud at this poem from Rhyming With Wine called ‘Popping in to work for a rest‘ – how many parents can empathise, I wonder? Meanwhile Rhyming Mummy demonstrated in perfect, poetic form, why it’s best not to let the kids run off unsupervised on a playdate, no matter how tempting! I also chuckled (and sung) along to Louise’s appeal for ‘A bit less Christmas‘ – in November anyway… not to mention October and even September!

What parent hasn’t experienced this night time drama from The UnCheshire Wife – it may not be funny at the time but it makes for a very good poem!

As ever, I’ve enjoyed reading your work this month. If you’re feeling creative do check out Victoria’s Prose for Thought linky where you can share any poetry or prose, and for a good chat with a supportive writing community you’re most welcome to visit my linky – What I’m Writing. Oh, and it’s always worth looking at Paper Swans Press and Mother’s Milk Books for possible publication opportunities and plenty of inspiration!

Since it’s Christmas, I’ll finish with a festive pair of limericks of my own… with apologies to Father Christmas!

Santa’s Special Delivery

One Christmas, unlucky Saint Nick
Began to feel terribly sick;
He leaned out of his sleigh,
Yelled, “Look out! Bombs away!
Duck for cover below me – and quick!”

He was (thankfully) over the sea,
So no one got splashed with his tea;
Then our dear festive dude,
Having thrown up his food,
Filled our stockings up nausea-free!

Madeline Bennett Dec 2014

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About Maddy Bennett

Maddy lives on a windy hillside in beautiful Northumberland with her husband and three young children. Between school runs (and when the toddler can be distracted with a biscuit) she writes flash fiction, short stories and poetry, much of which you can find on her blog Writing Bubble. From there, she also hosts ‘What I’m Writing’, a supportive linky for writers, poets and bloggers. She has a particular fondness for limericks – the sillier the better – and has been published by Iron Press. She is currently writing picture books and (very slowly) working on her first novel.


  1. 02 December 2015 / 20:35

    Maddy you have an excellent collection here, I am so pleased to be alongside such talented writings, the poetry surprises me every time. Great to end with your limerick, I love them.

    • 03 December 2015 / 22:49

      Thanks Lorraine, and I loved your poems!

  2. 02 December 2015 / 21:03

    Thank you very much for featuring my blog! Looks like a fantastic round up and I’ll look forward to reading your other featured posts.

    Thanks again.

    Dawn x

    • 03 December 2015 / 22:50

      You’re welcome Dawn. There was so much fabulous work I was spoilt for choice! Enjoy!

  3. 02 December 2015 / 22:23

    Great list Maddy. I caught many of these over the month too and am looking forward to getting to the rest. And I laughed at your Santa poem. Poor Santa! 🙂

    • 03 December 2015 / 22:51

      Poor old Santa eh, what a night! Glad you like the selection. xx

  4. 03 December 2015 / 10:19

    Fab collection Maddy, I have so enjoyed reading all and discovering some lovely poems and new blogs. Love the limerick! I think I too would get quite vommy on that sleigh all night 😉 Thanks for including me in a great line-up.

    • 03 December 2015 / 22:52

      Thanks Yvette and you’re very welcome – yes, sleigh-sickness never makes its way into the christmas songs but surely it must be a real issue? 😉

  5. 08 December 2015 / 01:49

    Thanks so much for including me! I don’t write poetry often anymore, so it’s a real privilege to be part of this round up x

    • nic evans
      08 December 2015 / 08:26

      you are an inspiration Jo xx