Poetry & Prose Round-up: Love, love, love

valentines bottlesHello and welcome to this month’s poetry and prose round-up! Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my call for creative pieces on the subject of love. My social media was hit by a veritable ‘love bombardment’ and I hope I’ve managed to include everyone. Here, as promised, is the POETRY AND PROSE BUMPER ‘LOVE’ EDITION!

As it was Valentine’s Day recently, the blogosphere was alight with pieces about romantic love. Reneé from Mummy Tries set sparks flying with her tale of ‘When Kate Met Alex‘, Chrissie at Muddled Manuscript wrote about the frisson of attraction (a ‘delicious flirtation’ of a poem, I thought) and Jodie of Technicolour Soul Explosions shared a piece capturing the intensity of a love affair. At The Parent Game, Lucy made me smile with her poem about her ideal man (written when she was seventeen!) and at Fifty Something Fruitcake, Jo cleverly used song titles to answer the question ‘What is Love?‘. Meanwhile, Antonia from 38 to 39 wrote about ‘Knife-edged Love‘ – a poem that shifted with tides of feeling and meaning.

I really enjoyed reading all the love poems people had written for their long-term partners (many of us admitting they often get a bit forgotten once kids arrive!). My co-editor Victoria at VeViVos wrote a poem that spoke volumes about the ‘Five Fabulous Years Of Fun‘ she’s spent with her partner, Rhyming With Wine made me laugh and ‘ahhh’ in equal measure with her ‘Valentine’s Rhyme for The Hubby‘ and Di Castle Writer shared a lovely piece describing love in a relationship spanning decades. Nicole at The Brightness of These Days wrote a wonderful ‘Love Letter’ for her husband (which rang so true for me) and this fabulous poem by Anna Ghislena managed to be deep, lighthearted, funny and meaningful all in one go!

Moving on now to love of kids (another category that was bound to appear!), Becky at Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl shared a touching poem about what she wants for her children’s futures and Maria at Collecting Moments wrote the heartfelt ‘You Are Loved This Way‘ for her daughter. Shahida at Supermum 2016 wrote ‘My Dear Child‘ for her children, which was filled with amazing advice and hopes for them, while the love that Lisa’s Life has for her nephew shone out of this poem.

In a month where my own youngest son turned three (and yes, I felt a bit soppy about it!), I was particularly touched by this poem from Rebecca at Futures about the bittersweet feeling of watching her son growing up, while Louise from Little Heart Big Love‘s beautiful poem brought tears to my eyes!

Love of family and friends also provided creative inspiration, with Louise from Mother In The Middle writing a poem about memories of her mother and Tracy from One Frazzled Mum sharing the final part of her story about two childhood friends (you’ll need tissues!). Meanwhile, on Raising Mothers, Rachael wrote a heartwarming piece on the power and importance of female friendships.

Gladly we didn’t forget ourselves amidst this outpouring of love for others and I adored Sumbel from Mama Not Dumber‘s poem about learning to accept and love her post-baby body – something many of us can identify with. I also found this poem about appreciation of life by Leigh from Headspace Perspective very moving and powerful.

Finally, Sarah at Catching the Magic shared a poem about her love of running, Mothering With The Earth wrote a gentle, soothing piece in praise of water, Marija Smits compared the stages of writing to the stages of love and, to mark the one hundredth week of her linky, ‘The Prompt’, Sara at Mum Turned Mum paid tribute to all her linkers in a poem brimming with love for blogging, writing, community and creativity in general. Now, what’s not to love about that?!

I think that’s a wrap! As ever, I’d love to read any creative work you’ve shared on your blog, so feel free to tweet me or leave me a message on my Facebook page. I also run a linky ‘What I’m Writing‘ every Tuesday for sharing work and thoughts about writing, which is a great way to connect to the creative community. Similarly, my co-editor, Victoria at Verily Victoria Vocalises runs ‘Prose for Thought‘ every Thursday which you can link your creative pieces to. If you’re interested in submission opportunities, Paper Swans Press is looking for poetry on the subject of ‘Roses’ and Mother’s Milk Books are welcoming submissions to their new pamphlet prize.

I’ll be back next month, but before I go, here’s one final little love story of my own creation – I hope it makes you smile:

penguin valentine story

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About Maddy Bennett

Maddy lives on a windy hillside in beautiful Northumberland with her husband and three young children. Between school runs (and when the toddler can be distracted with a biscuit) she writes flash fiction, short stories and poetry, much of which you can find on her blog Writing Bubble. From there, she also hosts ‘What I’m Writing’, a supportive linky for writers, poets and bloggers. She has a particular fondness for limericks – the sillier the better – and has been published by Iron Press. She is currently writing picture books and (very slowly) working on her first novel.


  1. 02 March 2016 / 14:58

    Thanks so much for featuring my post Maddy! The hubby is thrilled and feels like a celeb ;0)

    Looking forward to reading the other posts too. Great round up!

    Dawn x

    • 03 March 2016 / 11:08

      You’re very welcome! Loved that poem!

  2. 10 March 2016 / 21:19

    Thank you for including me 🙂

  3. 02 April 2016 / 05:55

    What a lovely collection of posts – looking forward to April’s – and love your drawing!