Poetry and Prose Round-Up: January and the year begins…

Afresh, afresh, lets start anew
Much to see and much to do
The year has begun like the bud of a flower
Make it count, each day, minute and hour

Victoria Welton, 6th January 2014

buds orchid


Welcome to the first BritMums Poetry and Prose Round-up for 2015. Happy New Creative Year! In December I took a break from my Prose for Thought linky and away from all that is poetry and, I have to say, that I really missed it. So I am pleased to say that the link is back this Thursday for all of your original poetry, prose and fiction. I am taking a weekly photo challenge which has been shared by Mummy B but I will also be using her prompts to write a poem to accompany the photo – it has given me renewed inspiration! This week the subject is Beginnings  and I have shared part of my poem with the image above.

Over the last week I have enjoyed catching up on some of the poems I have missed and I have found some wonderful pieces out there. Firstly I have found a new Dad poet on the block. Dad Creek Without a Paddle is a talent and I really enjoyed reading how his ‘Mind Works in Poetry’. I also found the short edit written by Antonia at 38to39 an engaging piece. It is called ‘Aneurysm’. I love pieces of prose or fiction that make your mind work and this certainly does that. Another blogger whom I hadn’t realised wrote poetry is Romanian Mum and she shared the beautiful poem ‘Sometimes’ with me.

I absolutely loved a poem called ‘The Fall’ by Wendy over at Spectrum of Life. I found myself really associating with the words, they resonated with me. On the same note, I felt that Emily at Poetry Pickle did the same with her poem ‘Breath’.

Running two blogs isn’t easy – and nor is writing poetry in two different styles. Karen has managed to do both of these and written two very different poems for two very different reasons. The first is on her blog That Lancashire Lass and the poem is a jolly jape about ‘Camping in Clitheroe’ written in the local dialect! The second is on her blog Grumpyish Mum a much more poignant poem about ‘The Carer’. It is beautifully written.

January 5th saw six months since Oana at Mamas Haven lost her baby boy, George, to acute megakaryoblastic leukemia. She wrote the beautiful tribute ‘Today We Remember’ to him. We are thinking of you and your family, Oana.

Finally, I am going to leave you with this fabulous poem from Natalie over at Just Because I Love which is aptly called ‘Out with the old, and in the new’.

Natalie over at Writing Bubble is sharing her plans for the #WhatIAmWriting linky and she will be back with you for the round-up next month. In the meantime I wish you all a prosperous and peaceful 2015.

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About Victoria Welton

Victoria is a forty something Mum to Grace and Rex, partner to writer and actor Ross and lives in the beautiful countryside of Somerset. A blogger since 2012, she has been writing poetry and lyrics for years and has been lucky enough to perform two of her songs on stage. You can find her blog at Verily Victoria Vocalises. From there she runs a poetry link ‘Prose For Thought’on the first Thursday of every month. She is also a professional photographer, having started her business on her return from maternity leave.


  1. 07 January 2015 / 12:57

    Thank you for including my poem and your kind words

  2. 07 January 2015 / 13:50

    I usually do it in romanian Vic. Thank you for sharing my post x

  3. 07 January 2015 / 15:05

    Thank you for not only including my poem, but also for your kind words. Proud to be in such great company in a fantastic round up.