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Hello! It has been a while since I was here. A year and a half to be precise. My life has changed an awful lot since I last completed a post for the BritMums Poetry and Prose community. I say awful lot, when it has been far from it. It hasn’t been awful at all. I feel like, once again, my life has taken on the butterfly effect and I have metamorphisised into yet another form of my life. It has been the same for many members of the poetry and prose blogging community and I have been playing catch-up!

The 2018 Round-up

Starting with my now ex co-editor, Dawn. She has moved on to pastures new. She no longer has a blog and I really do miss her brilliant writing, she is such a talent. Fear not though! She has contributed to a book called ‘We Need to Talk About the Conditions of My Imprisonment: …And Other Funny Parenting Stories‘ which was put together by another writing talent, Michelle Tan. I really must read this, if only for the title alone! 

Maddy Bennett, another former co-editor, has also got herself involved in the book world in a slightly different format. She is now a very talented illustrator (which is something that my first co-editor, Ellie, went on to do) and, together with Renee Davis from Mummy Tries, they are producing a beautiful new book about autism called ‘High Functioning Autism Through Polly’s Eyes’. They are currently seeking a publisher so, if you know anyone, please send them their way! 

A number of fantastic writers have rounded their 2018 in a post. Firstly, Nikki Young explains how the The Storymakers Creative Writing Club has grown from a small seed in 2017 to a much larger one over the last year. Marija Smits reflects on how the second half of 2018 saw a number of firsts for her in respect of published achievements, including a poem published in Prole as well as receiving her first pro payment for a speculative fiction story (‘The Green Man’ in Reckoning). Muddled Manuscript has had a rollercoaster of a year during 2018 but is looking forward to what is in store during 2019.

The Year Ahead

Looking forward now to the year ahead, Jo Winwood of Jo’s Writing Space has shared her plans for her writing including a brand new podcast. Just like me, she refuses to make New Years resolutions but she is looking to share more of her great writing as well as watch less and read more.

Mentoring and Retreats

If you are a budding or returning writer, then Rebecca Ann Smith is offering her mentoring services to help you out. She is lucky enough to have gained representation in the form of an agent and is well aware of how daunting the whole process can be. 

Is 2019 the year you finally write that book you’ve been talking about? Kamsin Kaneko is offering a 3 month coaching programme to help you. 

If you are looking for a reading retreat then Jess McGlynn of Catch a Single Thought has organised one at Helpful Mum’s B&B in Yorkshire for the weekend of 8-10th February. She says ‘This is ideal for anyone who wants a guilt-free weekend of reading, in a beautiful setting, with maybe a bit of walking in the countryside and some no-pressure socialising.’ You can find more details about it over on her blog.

The Demise – and Return – of the Linky

Linkys seem to be gradually becoming a thing of the past. I am not sure whether this is because of their time constraints (believe me, I know!) or just that they are no longer a ‘thing’. Anyway, it was sad to see that The Prompt hosted by Mum Turned Mom and What I’m Writing hosted by Maddy Bennett both disappeared whilst I was off on maternity leave. They are both such fantastic writers and I am certain that these linkys are sorely missed.

I had a bit of a false start with Prose for Thought last April. I brought it back too soon. I still miss it though so I am pleased to say that it is making a come-back to my blog next month. It will open again on the first Thursday of the month and will close on the third Thursday. The first one will be on Thursday 7th February. I hope you will join me! 

That’s it for this month. If you would like to appear in the next Poetry and Prose post for BritMums then please email me at [email protected] or tweet me @vicwelton.

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About Victoria Welton

Victoria is a forty something Mum to Grace and Rex, partner to writer and actor Ross and lives in the beautiful countryside of Somerset. A blogger since 2012, she has been writing poetry and lyrics for years and has been lucky enough to perform two of her songs on stage. You can find her blog at Verily Victoria Vocalises. From there she runs a poetry link ‘Prose For Thought’on the first Thursday of every month. She is also a professional photographer, having started her business on her return from maternity leave.