Poetry and Prose: dreams and Haiku

green park roundup 610So that was the month of June,
BritMums Live over all too soon,
Welcome now to July,
Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you why,
There’s a great new round up you see,
Of original Prose and Poetry,
Next month it’s co-ed All At Sea,
But this month you have to put up with me!


Welcome one and all to an exciting new round up of which I am proud to be a part of. Poetry and prose, all original and all written by you wonderful people out there.

I started a link called ‘Prose for Thought’ for poetry and prose way back in January and I wasn’t aware at the time just how much talent there was out there. I find poetry a fantastic outlet and a way to express your feelings in a unique and wonderful way. At BritMums Live, the weekend before last (where does the time go?!), the first thing that made me cry – and a number of poetry bloggers around me – was Katie Piper’s poem ‘My Old Face’. It was a complete expression of feelings said in a way that every day words just can’t quite put a meaning to.

I’ve found a number of very talented writers out there and I didn’t realise what a tricky job it would be choosing but I would like to start with a few of the most beautiful poems I have found over the last month. First is a poem that sums up the craft and skill of poetry from White Feathers and So Much More…entitled ‘Words’, then Stephanie over at Storybramble entitled ‘Shattered’ expressing a feeling about dreams that I believe we have all had at least once in our lives. Emily over at Tealady Mumbles talks about ‘No Escape’. There is a poem about Daddy from Twin Life on Line, a Haiku from Blue Beret Mum which is a type of Japanese poem and a wonderful piece from Judith over at Secrets of the Sandpit which took me back to my childhood.

Some of us Mums love to write about our children and rightly so. There is a poem from Helen at All At Sea called ‘Ripples’ and another called ‘Two Tiny Hands’ from And Baby Makes Three. There is also a piece of prose from Life As It Is but it isn’t just the Mums who write. There is a laugh-out-loud poem from Hapless Dad and a very mature poem from Jaime’s daughter called ‘Long Corridors’ over at The Olivers Madhouse.

A number of bloggers have started to write poetry over the last few months despite either never having written it before or not trying to write a poem since their school days. These include a sonnet called ‘Reconciliation’ from Supper and Syntax, Kate on Thin Ice with ‘I am Stained’ and Cathie from Wicked World of Lucas talking about ‘Crossing the Road’.

I must mention two of our poets from down under. The first is from Latte Junkie entitled ‘Labelled’  and the other is from Catching the Magic called ‘After the Longest Night’.

Finally, I can’t finish without talking again about BritMums Live and two poems which summed up the event for me. The first one is from Instinctive Mum which captivates my feelings about the event perfectly in a poem entitled ‘Meetings’ and the other is from ‘New Mum on Line’ who shared her ‘Inspirational Women’ poem about Kerry from Mutiple Mummy.

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About Victoria Welton

Victoria is a forty something Mum to Grace and Rex, partner to writer and actor Ross and lives in the beautiful countryside of Somerset. A blogger since 2012, she has been writing poetry and lyrics for years and has been lucky enough to perform two of her songs on stage. You can find her blog at Verily Victoria Vocalises. From there she runs a poetry link ‘Prose For Thought’on the first Thursday of every month. She is also a professional photographer, having started her business on her return from maternity leave.


  1. 03 July 2013 / 07:15

    Well done Vicki. What a fabulous collection of writing to kick-start our round-up! x

  2. 03 July 2013 / 09:09

    Lovely round up to indulge in. Honoured to have a mention as still very much finding my feet with poetry. Think it is a good thing for BritMums to feature something that little bit different. Well done on putting it together – I am sure it will encourage others to have a go

    • 10 July 2013 / 20:40

      Thanks Kate, I really would like to encourage others to write – I am betting more people can than they realise 🙂

  3. 04 July 2013 / 06:58

    Fabulous post – cannot wait to snuggle up on the sofa and read this collection. Thank you so much for including me in this – feel very honoured x

  4. 10 July 2013 / 20:41

    I am SO sorry Ericka, I must’ve missed you :(. Please keep writing – you do so beautifully and we will make sure to look out for you x