Planning Ahead: Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

BritMums’ Reviews Editor Katie Davis casts her expert eye over a new journal that has been released from Project Love. The BritMums reviewer was provided the product free to test and review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.
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It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of another year. Blink too much and you might just miss the end and find yourself floating around in the haze of the New Year. This is always a good time to reflect on the past year – things that went well, things that didn’t. If we don’t make any mistakes then we won’t learn how to grow, how to get better. With the help of my Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal, I’m taking a look back at my year and what changes I hope to make for the year to come.

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I was trying to think of a word that would describe me for 2018 and I think I would have to go with brave. Now, I didn’t climb any mountains or slay any dragons but I did fight my own demons and learn that I am stronger than I knew. Four years ago, when I found out I was expecting a baby, I became a single parent and not only that, found out who my real friends truly were. I moved back home, put myself into a bubble and stayed there for the long haul.

However, 2018 seems to have been the year to make a change. I stepped out of my bubble and made a new mummy friend and close friends for my daughter and not only that but after four years as a singleton and avoiding that foreign species known as men, I even started dating. It wasn’t an all round success, but the point is I did it. I got out there. It also made me realise what more I want for myself, my daughter and our life.

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Hiding in that bubble has meant that my self-care has been at pretty much zero and I have really just let myself go. So, one of the goals I am making for 2019 is to put myself higher up my own list of importance because I need to be the best version of myself to be the best mum for my little girl. Even if it is simply, taking 30 minutes each day to do something for myself then that is what it will be.

Considering I am such an organised person, I also think, looking back, that I spent a large part of 2018 in complete disarray and for someone who works from home and is self-employed that is not the best and most productive way to be – this needs improving for the new year.

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My plans are set and my goals have been made, but what’s my word for 2019? Well, I am going to choose two… BOLD and BOSS. I want to take 2019 by the horns and make it one hell of a year. I need to be the boss of my own life and my business and take it where it needs to be and to do that I need to be bold, fearless and once again brave.

I’d definitely recommend getting yourself a Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal which are now on sale at Oliver Bonas stores across the UK. Figure out what you did this year and plan how to make next year even better.

The Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal by Project Love is now on sale priced £14.99 and available at Oliver Bonas stores across the UK.
Project Love founders Selina Barker and Vicki Pavitt created the journal as a life design tool that empowers and supports you to design a life you love. More information at

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