Pets Round-up: Back in the saddle

Welcome back!  Apologies for my disappearance, life has all been a bit hectic recently as we’ve relocated down to the South West and everything has been a bit topsy-turvy – not least my dodgy internet connection!

Anyhow, we’re settling in well and although I haven’t had time to write much on my own blog, I’ve been enjoying reading other posts from the community.  There’s been lots going on in the world of pets, and this post from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too caught my eye as it’s something we’re guilty of here, despite my best intentions for the new house.  Do you allow your pet upstairs, or on your bed?

If you’re not one for allowing the dog on the bed, Deep In Mummy Matters has the perfect pet bed for you, which her pooch has been road-testing.

And talking of gifts, Life at the Zoo has this lovely recipe for baking DIY dog treats.

Sim’s Life has had her hands full babysitting a delectable 9 week old Springer puppy – it’s easy to forget how much hard work they are at that age – cute though.

Laura Summers has an update about her dog after an operation earlier, thankfully she’s on the mend – Get well soon Florence!

These posts always seen to be heavily dog-related.  It’s not intentional I promise.  Please do send me your posts throughout the month, I’d love to be able to share some about other animals.  Speaking of which, are you a cat-lover? Nine to Three Thirty is and she’s been testing out some amazing sounding freeze-dried cat foods – well, not her, her cats obviously.  Seriously, these sound like they should be on a human menu- surf and turf anyone?

So that’s all for this month, please do tag me on Twitter with any of your pets posts and I’ll try to include them next time.

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