Allergies Round-up: Happy New Year

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and New Year, hopefully we are all feeling refreshed and ready to start a new year. I found myself strangely excited to get back to work and back to (some kind of) normality. Today I want to catch up with a few of my favourite allergy bloggers, and see how everyone is feeling at the start of this new year.

I spent the first part of 2018 doing some research on the huge variety of alternative or dairy free milks that are now on the market. When we first started our dairy free journey nearly 4 years ago choices were limited, but since then the dairy free market is booming and there’s so much choice. Loads of choice is great, but how do we know which one is the best one for us? That’s why I’ve put together this dairy free milk comparison chart, to hopefully help people compare options and choose the best one for them. 

Zoe from Mummy & Liss has had a pretty exciting start to her 2018, because her little girl Lissy has officially beaten CMPA! As Zoe says, this is a day that most of can only dream of, and often is thought of a pipe dream rather than something that might actually happen, so it’s really really great to hear this news. I’m sure allergy parents everywhere are comforted by stories like Lissy’s, because it gives us that bit more hope. Congratulations Zoe and Liss!!

Lots of us are now starting to think about the next birthdays that are coming up, and with birthdays usually come parties – something that often fills allergy parents with a little bit of terror. They can be really hard to deal with and navigate when your child has to avoid any allergens, and it’s always a little bit heartbreaking to be reminded of how different your little one might be. Emma from Free From Farmhouse has written this really brilliant post on how to manage your child’s food allergies at parties – definitely one to read, save and come back to when you need it.

After Emma’s brilliant post Mel managed to put together some more tips from other allergy bloggers over on Le Coin de Mel, which includes loads more brilliant tips on coping with food allergies at parties.

One of the best things about the new year is that feeling of a fresh start, and also that period of reflection as we think about the past year, everything we’ve experienced, and our hopes, dreams and plans for the year ahead. I loved reading this round up of 2017 from The Peachicks’ Bakery, where she included how many of her 2017 resolutions she’d achieved – impressive!

Sounds like it was a pretty good 2017 for lots of our allergy bloggers, and 2018 is already shaping up to be a great year. Fingers crossed for lots of easy to navigate parties, and lots and lots more lovely news like Lissy’s. Remember if you’d like to be featured in a future Allergies Round-up comment below or send an email over to [email protected]. See you next month!

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