Parenting and financial magic tricks

NatWest banking appWe recently challenged BritMums members to share their parenting tricks while also trying out a magical app from their bank. Natwest’s new banking app highlights the multitasking magic we can do straight from our mobile phones. Find out what they thought about while they also shared the most magical tricks they use in managing their busy kids. (Check out the NatWest communities page here.)

This project was sponsored by NatWest.

Ellen amusingly suggests that we should encourage our children to eat anything sticky in the bath.

Sarah always has a pack of finely chopped veg in her freezer so she can throw this into meals such as spaghetti bolognese or chilli to make sure the family are getting that all-important 5 a day.

Laura shared a tasty recipe that combines fruit and vegetables in, of all things, muffins.

Emma ensures her children are always ready to go in the morning by preparing the night before.

Lilinha has a fantastic trick that makes her son actually want to go to sleep.

Chloe shows us how to organise our bed linen to prevent any more hunting around for that vital piece of matching bed linen.

Stacey sews buttons on socks to make hand puppets.

Discover why Kate always takes sellotape on holiday with her.

Genna celebrates the power of reward stickers and highlights her magical countdown.

The Two Mums have come up with the inspired idea that empty DVD cases are great for carrying a few crayons and paper on short car rides.

Charl uses her slow cooker to ensure there is a wholesome family meal ready when she gets in from work.

Jacinta has the answer to not hoovering up Lego and also not hurting your feet on it. Now that is magic!

Donna highlights her amazing memory particularly when it comes to birthdays.

Ruth shares a no-cook cake recipe and a space-saving tip for the kitchen.

What they said about the App

Eileen loved how the app enabled her to pay friends, family or bills and move money between accounts.

Pippa found the app a good alternative to telephone banking.

Laura found she uses the app more than digital banking as it is so handy on the go.

Karin uses the app to check her balance on a daily basis.

Jocelyn likes the idea of being able to withdraw cash via the app without needing to have her bank card to hand. She can see this being very useful on the school run when she remembers she needs something from the shops.

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