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Photo credit: Nadine Hill, JuggleMum

Nadine celebrates healthier eating and cooking. Photo credit: Nadine Hill, JuggleMum

It’s the little things that count; at least that’s the philosophy behind Public Health England’s #OneYou campaign, which is all about making small changes now for a healthier future. Whether it’s drinking less, moving more, quitting smoking or eating better, #OneYou is encouraging folks to reassess their lifestyles and making changes that make us feel good. BritMums is working with #OneYou in a sponsored project, promoting these positive steps.

We’re all about the small positive changes that make a difference — one less glass of wine, a portion of tasty vegetables every meal. Best of all, when we asked several bloggers to share their personal stories of small differences that made a big impact, we heard their inspiring experiences. 

You can also find loads of online support on the #OneYou site, which provides help to take control of your health and enjoy the benefits now and later in life. Plus, there’s a fun and quick quiz – the One You ‘How Are You’ quiz — to assess your current challenges and how you’re doing. It helps you focus on what you want to change and provides tools to make those changes easier. 

But first, check out these posts from bloggers just like you — we can’t help but feel energized when we read their posts…and you will too!

Inspiration to quit smoking 

Mama Syder paints a very personal portrait of her decision to quit smoking — a habit she picked up in her youth — that has us cheering her success. She spent loads on cigarettes, suffered throat infections and then her mum died of cancer, providing a wake up call. “I popped along to my NHS quit smoking nurse at my doctors surgery and it was one of the best things I ever did,” she says. 

The determination to lose weight

Shell Louise’s journey to losing weight and embarking on exercise is a path many of us have struggled with. Like us, you’ll be moved by her honest. post   “I’m going to need help and support to keep me going because I find it really hard getting myself motivated. It’s much easier to sit and watch TV than it is to get up and do movements that are quite frankly, alien to me!”

The regular mum’s guide to eating healthy

Nadine Hill of JuggleMum (and also BritMums’s blog editor) didn’t grow up eating healthily. Now in her 40s, she’s in the process of making changes for her and her family’s diet, seeing dividends in not only her weight but how she feels. “The changes I have made are simple, easy swaps and reminders that anyone can do and they don’t have to cost much money. In fact they can save you money!” she says. This is a theme for many people.  Liska from New Mum Online also has a story of healthy eating and lessons learned and Kate from WitWitWoo has consciously reversed the patterns of eating from her childhood to create a new way for her children.

How and why we should drink less

Nicole of Twin Mummy Yummy talks about the desire (and necessity) of drinking less alcohol as she gets older and has responsibilities as a parent. Check out her tips for cutting down without having to cut out a sociable glass of wine when you do feel like imbibing.

Plus our Fitness Round-up Editor Mirka has some easy tips to help you get out and do some exercise!

The upshot of all of these posts and #OneYou in general: Stop focusing on the bad behaviours you’d like to change and take incremental steps that feel good!


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  1. 07 July 2016 / 16:46

    Some great articles here, well done everyone 🙂 Love the photo of Nadine!

  2. 08 July 2016 / 13:32

    So much inspiration and so proud to be part of this campaign. We should not take our health for granted. It’s ONLY #OneYou