Newbie Tuesday: Waxing lyrical about newer bloggers!

Good morning dear readers! Crimbo’s on the way,
So I’m getting festive with Newbie Tuesday!
This week see’s me writing things down with a rhyme,
With some fab newer bloggers to help fill your time.
So go grab a cuppa, sit down for a peek,
And read my highlights from the past week…

Let’s kick off with gossip that really is wild,
Postcards from Pramstead is now pregnant with 2nd child!

Upyoursginaford  had me laughing in fits,
With a post centered around giggles and shi*ts.

Now MusoDad‘s name may sound cool and ‘rock’,
So an Xfactor fan confession came as a shock.

Mother.Wife.Me  tries to get the balance right,
Neglecting hubby worries as she’s introverted by night.

Let’s turn our  thoughts turn to a Nativity play,
Purple Mum wanted to be Mary ‘back in the day’.

Lack of sleep does odd things to you, I kid you not,
Ask Three Little Flowers about it, he’s been licking the cot!

Motherventing seeks advice as enough is enough,
How best to ward off a child who’s overly rough?

Finally, a blogger this week who’s been talking of change,
Is SAHDandProud who’s eyes are not strange.
(At all, really they aren’t).

Normal, non-lyrical, service will resume next week as luckily for you lovely folk I am now all rhymed out! If you enjoyed any of the posts highlighted here why not let us know? All comments and tweets (rhyming or otherwise) are most welcome!

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Annie Spratt is a mother of eight, wife of one and a newer blogger. Annie is a new video blogger and writes a weekly column ‘Newbie Tuesday’ in the BritMums Blog where she showcases new bloggers, gives support, advice and holds the hands of newbies while they find their feet. You can find her over at Mammasaurus bringing a mix of humour, topical waffling, gin-based love and video blog posts. Annie also runs a blog dedicated to newer bloggers, Love New Blogs and feels passionate about welcoming newer bloggers to the wonderful world of blogging. Tweet her @mammasaurusblog.


  1. 13 December 2011 / 08:45

    Thanks so much for including me Annie, some lovely other blogs to read here too, a fab start to the day! MWM xx

  2. 13 December 2011 / 09:13

    You are most welcome my dear! It’s right up their with cake as the top way to start the day 😉 x

  3. 14 December 2011 / 11:15

    Thanks for featuring me, Annie. Will have a butchers at the other posts later. Love the rhyme, is it too late to get it recorded in time to challenge for the Christmas Number 1 spot?!

    • 16 December 2011 / 02:54

      I can have a bash but I wouldn’t put any of your hard earned cash on me getting to number 1…

      or 100000!