Newbie Tuesday Round-up: What’s new?

newbie round-upI struggled for a theme this month. What is it that all parent bloggers are talking about right now? What is rocking our world? Unfettered, I went on a leisurely cruise of the newest blogs around and I found some real gems…

As the parent of school-aged children I found myself nodding along fervently at this post about PE from British Soccer Mom. Controversially, she maintains that schools don’t focus enough on the physical aspect of education, and that children should be grouped according to ability, as they are in other subjects. I, for one, would not have always been last to be picked for a netball team if my school had implemented this policy. What do you think? Go over and have your say on her blog.

Gin and Cornflakes celebrates a Twitter milestone this month. I always love a new recruit to the enslavement of the 140 character obsession (more people to share my red-eyed yawns into the early hours). Here she ponders the difference between Twitter and Facebook, warts and all!

Mum in a Hurry has been struggling with work-life balance recently. Most of us blog for therapy occasionally, but this blogger has shared a stunning poem about her feelings, from a little black book she has kept for a long time. I’ve often wondered how to couch posts on my blog that may be too painful or personal to share with the entire world, and this has inspired me. My daughter GG is in need of some self-expression at the moment too, so I’m taking the two of us off to Paperchase this week to acquire something lovely, touchable, and blank to write in!

Another blogger who uses poetry and incredible description in her posts is All at Sea, who has written about the impending event that is Mother’s Day this weekend. Read the lovely words, but click on the links to see why this is a very special post indeed!

I am constantly reminded as I read blogs, and chat to parents on the playground, of the speed at which my children’s lives are passing me by, so focused am I on the day-to-day chaos that never seems within my control. I can see the day they become adults looming ahead of me like a speeding truck, unstoppable, and going too fast. Lives Life Well has written about her son turning 18, and the new scary phase of parenting that has begun for her. I will not complain about muddy football boots in the house ever again. Oh, wait – there’s football tonight… 😉

Working mums do have so much to juggle, and just getting through a day with all your senses intact can sometimes feel like a major achievement. But all of that pales into minor irritation when we see what some others have on their plates. Damson Lane took a philosophical view last month when faced with travel disaster. Kirsty managed to take a huge irritation and completely relegate it to a status of insignificance as she considered what other people are dealing with – I will be taking a leaf out of her book the next time my day goes wrong!

Spending as much time as you’d like on the better parts of parenting your child always seems like a challenge, but I can only imagine the frustration of my children when they are ill. It’s the reason we didn’t celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in New York, and why they’ve never spent a night without one or other of their parents! PODcast recently had the phone-call every parent dreads, when work worries cease to exist in favour of getting to your child.

I found Naked Mum this week and it sounded a bit different, so I went over there to take a look this week. I’ll warn you now, there is a naked photo on there – of another blogger! I’ll leave you all to find out for yourselves who this one is, but it’s a photo that makes her look every bit as beautiful in the buff as she is in person when you meet her. Although I might look at her in a new light next time she’s on the speaker’s podium! 😉

Post-natal depression is something which gets it’s share of blog-space, so many of you will be interested in the latest post on Mad Mummy MusingsAs well as being an in-depth discussion of PND and how society deals with it, there is a fab list of links to relevant organisations who can help if you’re a sufferer or the family of someone going through this dark illness.

I leave you with a new linky I discovered over on Crazy With Twins; Wednesday Words asks you to quote a lyric, verse or book excerpt and write about what it means to you. I’m wondering how I can get 50 Shades of Grey in there… 😉

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Helen Wills is a mum of 2 children in primary school and blogs at Actually Mummy on parenting issues, school, travel, and life according to the kids. Since starting her blog in 2011, Helen has won 2 national awards, and puts a lot of her success down to the amazing online community of bloggers at BritMums. As her children grow older, her writing is increasingly influenced by their opinions, and her blog reflects this drive to get the most out of family life.

Helen works from home in copywriting and social media. She is on Twitter @actuallymummy.


  1. 05 March 2013 / 10:30

    Thank you so much for mentioning me. I have bookmarked this and will check out all the others mentioned!

    • Helen
      05 March 2013 / 20:10

      Very welcome! Lovely post!

  2. 05 March 2013 / 11:13

    Thankyou for including me. Poetry, prose, quotes and short stories are also welcome on Wednesday Words. Xx

    • Helen
      05 March 2013 / 20:12

      Brilliant, I’ll spread the word!

  3. 05 March 2013 / 13:00

    Always good to find some new blogs. Especially love All at Sea, beautiful writing from talented lady.

    • Helen
      05 March 2013 / 20:11

      Agreed! Beautiful

  4. 05 March 2013 / 13:13

    Thank you for including me. I am going to celebrate with a bag of chocolate buttons!

  5. 05 March 2013 / 20:14

    What a great round-up! 😉

  6. 05 March 2013 / 21:35

    Thank you so much for including my post on PND. It means a lot. Never an easy subject but something close to my heart. Feeling honoured to be in your Newbie Tuesday Round Up :0) x

  7. 05 March 2013 / 22:47

    Thank you so much for including me in your roundup. I’ve had such an excellent response to that particular post that I’m scared to write another one! But wait… perhaps that could be the topic!!!

    • Helen
      06 March 2013 / 14:50

      Oooh yes! Fear of not living up to your own high standards! Good idea.