Conquering Snowdon one step at a time

Snowdon sign#TeamHonk inspired the community with their recent trip to Ghana and broadcasting loud and wide of the #goodwork that Comic Relief have been achieving these past 25 years but was it enough?

Oh no, the three of them put their heads together and decided MORE! Annie decided she’d have all her hair cut off to raise money, Mummy Barrow declared she was going to ride her bike 25 miles and Penny said ‘Why not climb Snowdon?’

The girls put the word out and Honkers turned up one by one, putting their families and selves aside for one day, some the weekend, to join them in conquering the slopes of Snowdon. I joined them too and here’s what we got up to, find more photos on Mari’s World

A beautiful day for a walk my dear

We had had lots of excellent advice on what to wear; trainers were a definite NO, waterproof trousers were advised and packed in rucksacks and each of us had enough energy snacks to stock out the closed cafe at the summit.

Al and Marit, two of Gemma’s long standing friends, had kindly offered their time to accompany us up and down and the route chosen by them the day before was ascent via The Miner’s Path and descent down towards Llanberis. We left the car park just after 9am and I think it was about 4.30 – 5pm when we all threw our knickers in the air joyous to have completed a challenge that would stay with us forever.

Mummy Barrow's photo

#TeamHonkSnowdon has collectively raised over £5000 till now and sponsorship is still coming in, if you’d like to add to the pot please visit the Red Nose Team page and make our pain worth the while.

Climbers now suffering great pain

are Penny from The Alexander Residence, Gemma from Hello It’s Gemma, Kate from Kate Takes 5 and her friend Laura from My Internal World, myself, Greg from Whiskey For Aftershave, Steph from I’m Counting UFO’s, Kat from Kat Sighs, Nikki from Stressy Mummy, Emma from Bunnypudding, Jennifer from Jennifer’s Little World, Danielle from It Started with a Squish , Hannah from CupcakeMummaBruce and Jonnie ( Mummy Barrow’s Husband and son) Kim and her son Miles who don’t blog and Annie from Mammasaurus.

Snowdon summit

The experience was a once in a lifetime and you can find each personal account on the TeamHonk bloghop page as they are written and linked up. I’ll leave you with a photo of me celebrating the summit – that smile was with me all day and although I can barely walk it’s still with me now

Marianne Whooley

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