Newbie Tuesday: Funny blog names, finished novels and more

Snow? Did someone say snow? I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that! Yes, it’s grey and chilly outside but indoors it’s toasty warm so snuggle up with your laptop for some “special you time” (yes, you can have cake, too) as I take you on a magical journey into the wonderful world of newer bloggers with my Highlights of the Week.

There are some very funny blog names knocking about lately (yes, Flossing the Cat I mean you) and this week I came across one that made me chuckle so much I just had to have a look. It turned out to be a great blog a little over a month old, so ladies and gents, I recommend that you pay UpYoursGinaFord a visit and in particular her post The Smug, The Bad and The Ugly.

Feeling a little “mumgry”? Come on, you can’t tell me that you don’t know the meaning of “mumgry”? In that case, you should most certainly read I, Mummy‘s Dictionary to find out!

Are you all hyped up and ready for Christmas? Purple Mum sadly isn’t feeling Christmassy just yet. I must admit neither am I. My Christmas mantra is “if it ain’t December, it ain’t Christmas”. However I have been feeling a tad more festive this week as a result of crafty newer blogger We Are Wild Things. I now know how to make felt Christmas decorations and have already visited my local craft shop to gather supplies.

By now you have probably heard of Actually Mummy‘s Wot So Funne? This week I was literally spraying my computer with tea when I read what Chatty Baby has been calling her next door neighbour’s cat and what Mummy..Mummy..Mum! has been told about what happened when you get old.

Have you been following the joys and struggles of those attempting NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo? Blurofwoodsmoke is quite rightly rather chuffed to have completed writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November for NaNoWriMo. A virtual high five to you, young lady. Why not take time to visit her blog to express your admiration?

Mother.Wife.Me has learnt that in order to cook fishcakes in the oven you have to actually turn the oven on in ‘Cookery class needed for wife‘, which leads me finally on to a blogger who has no need for cookery classes, Jaim’s Kitchen who’s Roasted Tomato, Onion & Goats Cheese Soup is my idea of perfection!

Righty ho … I’m off to find biscuits – I have blogs to read…

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Annie Spratt is a mother of eight, wife of one and a newer blogger. Annie is a new video blogger and writes a weekly column ‘Newbie Tuesday’ in the BritMums Blog where she showcases new bloggers, gives support, advice and holds the hands of newbies while they find their feet. You can find her over at Mammasaurus bringing a mix of humour, topical waffling, gin-based love and video blog posts. Annie also runs a blog dedicated to newer bloggers, Love New Blogs and feels passionate about welcoming newer bloggers to the wonderful world of blogging. Tweet her @mammasaurusblog.


  1. 29 November 2011 / 11:11

    Mother of 8 and you get time to blog? What’s your secret?

    Oh, and PLeeeaaaasssse don’t encourage the snow until after Xmas -I’d like a holiday this year and that means the airport needs to be open.


    I’m popping over to congratulate the NaNoWriMo writers now….

    • 30 November 2011 / 08:37

      oooo a Holiday- how lovely. I think I’ll ask Santa for one of those!

  2. 29 November 2011 / 18:11

    Oh I have to check out UpYoursGinaFord – can’t stand the woman – Gina Ford that is not the blogger!

    • 30 November 2011 / 08:40

      Rollercoaster Mum that is exactly how I felt when I saw the name – I just had to go and take a look!
      I must admit, and this will show my age, that although I have heard of Gina Ford, I am mainly unaware of what she does. Oh dear, oh dear how do I not know?!

  3. 29 November 2011 / 22:17

    Thanks for the mention! Very strange to not be doing NaNoWriMo any more, I’m getting itchy typing fingers!

    • 30 November 2011 / 08:41

      Is there no stopping you woman?! NaDeWriMo just doesn’t have the same ring…