Newbie Round-up: Praise for the Newbies

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Hi there you lovely lot! April already, wow! [insert over-used comment about time flying!]. I hope you all have had a happy a successful first quarter of the year and are ready to make great things happen over the coming months. 


My daughter turned four last year and so we have been in a busy-birthday-whirl, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with! A crazy week of hype and a bit too much sugar if I’m honest (for all of us!).


So onto this months Round-up. I adore blogging and so it is a total joy to read posts from our newer bloggers and give them a shout out here in my post. I hope it helps them and gives them a little pat of the back for all their awesome efforts, which we all need from time to time.


As usual, it’s always so hard to narrow down my list of hundreds of submissions, but here are my favourite posts for this month;


  • A Simpler Life; Escaping the rat race – Topsy Turvy Tribe – This is such a fabulous post from Andrea, detailing a simplified life which has such an appeal to so many people. She shares about her paired back new life in Spain, although I don’t think I could resist buying clothes for a whole year!


  • Preventing Pregnancy: The Biggest Lie About Becoming A Mother – Mama Cat & Baby Bee – This beautiful post really resonated with me, after feeling exactly the same feelings myself, being faced with unexplained infertility. I know lots of people will feel this post has been written with the words straight from their own thoughts.


  • The Truth – Post-Natal Depression laid bare – Mrs Mummy Harris. Writing our own personal story with an open heart is not always easy. I’m always so blown away my people who share their personal struggles to help others who may be going through the same thing. In this post, Lianne shares her PND story, which is both brave and inspiring. As a fellow ‘sufferer’, Thank-you.


  • To The Mummy In The Doctor’s Surgery – Mummy Times Two.  I was so touched by this stunningly beautiful post from Victoria. It makes me proud to be a woman in times when women see other women and unreservedly give them strength, inspire them and ultimately support them, even when they’re strangers. Woman Power.


  • Stay at home mummy – Wellies on the school run – I think many of us have all been on the receiving end of a throw-away comment about getting to stay at home and sit about all day.  I loved reading this post by Gail as she shares what being a stay at home mum means to her.



  • London Tube Strike – 3 Little ButtonsThis is such a great read from Annette, who gives a parent’s view on the London Tube strike. Everything develops further intricacies when you have kids and I really enjoyed reading this post.



That’s all for this month if you want to get your blog out there a bit more and increase your traffic, I’m running a FREE training course which starts next week – Let’s Get Visible and I’d love to work with you guys then. You can pop along to my site and sign up.


If you have a post which you would like me to consider for next month (blogs under 18 months old or recently relaunched) then please email me the post link [email protected].



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  1. 17 April 2017 / 12:13

    Thanks so much for including me in this round up Aby. I’m also going to enjoy looking at the other recommended posts:)