How To’s: Spring cleaning tips, tricks & hacks

How To's Round-upSpring has officially sprung and it is the brighter days which help to put a bounce in our stride and that spring in step. Now we have all adjusted to the clock changes it’s that time of year when we all start looking around the house and garden thinking about what to throw out and which room to deep clean next.

The lighter days certainly give me more energy, which can only be a good thing as that light bouncing through the windows shows just how much they need a good clean and how grubby the tiles have become.

This week without the school runs to do, I’ve been sorting through the kitchen cupboards, throwing away the out of date items and tidying them up so I can actually find the condiments which have all become hidden at the back yet again. Sorting through the clothes is next on my agenda, bagging up the ones which don’t fit for charity and putting away the thick winter clothes – a little optimistic perhaps but of course leaving out layers and some of the thinner coats to be worn with cardigans.

There are lots of ways we can make cleaning faster and more efficient, so I pass you over to some lovely bloggers who are sharing their tips and tricks.

7 tips to make your home visitor ready

Samantha shares her 7 top tips for getting your house visitor ready which includes useful hints such as clearing your surfaces to keep the clutter out of sight and making the most of wet wipes which can be used for so many cleaning jobs.

How to clean your house naturally

Cleaning your house naturally is the topic of Debbie’s post who shares the uses house plants to remove chemicals from the air as well as them making your home look pretty at the same time. Liz also shares her top 10 houseplants to help purify the air.

Clever storage solutions

I’ve shared my tips which include using holding baskets to save time, I have a basket in the kitchen which I dump all the things which belong in different room into, and another on the bottom of the stairs for the things to go up. When the kitchen basket is full I will rehouse the contents to the correct places and the one on the stairs is taken up and emptied when I next go up the stairs. Lyndsey also shares her top cleaning tips including clever storage.

DIY toilet bombs and bathroom tips

I’m sure you’ve all seen the poo freshener sprays and had a giggle at the adverts and reviews, if you fancied trying to make your own DIY toilet bombs instead to freshen the room then Cerys has a recipe for making your own and while we are talking bathrooms, Lauren has a checklist for cleaning the bathroom.

A quick cleaning checklist 

I leave you with Nadine from JuggleMum, ‘doing the dirty in 30’ with her cleaning checklist.

Do you plan on having a good old spring clean or do you stick with little and often? Feel free to sharing your cleaning tips and tricks in the comments below, and as always if you’ve a post you would like including in my next How To’s Round-up or have a topic suggestion please tweet me or email me: [email protected].

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