Newbie Round-up: Finding the funny

Newbies badge“I love people who make me laugh’ – Audrey Hepburn. I must say I have to agree with Audrey, I think a special talent lies in the people who can make us laugh with their words; no props or funny comedy faces, simply by the words they share with us on screen. Parenting can be tough and these wonderful writers, who find the funny in the everyday situations that we all experience, are a gift to us all. 


That’s why this month I decided to feature the comedians among the newbies in my round-up.  So let’s get started, first up is I would rather smell like a goat by Tilly from Mummy Rules.  This is as funny as it sounds from the title and is such a fabulously written post too. I could see myself reading a novel written by Tilly (if she ever feels like writing one!), such a talented lady.


A post I think we will have all related to at some point is 10 stresses of a newbie blogger by Threesypeasy. Blogging is the most amazing thing, but it is not without its stresses, which are summed up perfectly in this humorous post.


I don’t know about you, but I harbour a strong desire to be Mary Poppins. Effortlessly gliding through life, always with a bag of tricks containing just the right thing for any given situation and obviously with a freshly baked cake in the kitchen. Sadly, this is not the case! The Adventures of a Beta Mummy shares her fabulous poem, Introducing Alpha Mummy and Beta Mummy, which I think describes most of us perfectly. Funny because it is so true!


This post, or should I say song, from Life is Knutts is short and sweet and made me laugh out loud. Toddlers can be such infuriating creatures!  I know you will love My week with the toddler…. in song.  Being a parenting often feels like you are running the gauntlet and I often reward myself with a cup of tea for negotiating a particularly tricky encounter. Emma’s from Emma’s Thoughts shared a hilarious glimpse into her daily life with a toddler, which was genius and such a wonderful read.  It really is The toughest game show on earth


When your toddler holds you hostage in Superdrug, we’ve all been there right?!  Well, maybe not Superdrug specifically, but I’m sure we have all be involved in a shop-based tantrum at some point.  I am so glad that Sarah from Admissions of a working mother shared her very funny experience.


That’s it for another month, I hope you all have a wonderful May and I will be back again in June with most amazing Newbie bloggers. Don’t forget, if you wish to submit a post for consideration, your blog needs to be 18 months old or less. Please email all submissions to [email protected]


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