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Newbies badgeWelcome back to my Newbie Round-up in a month which will see my daughter turn three!  I am not quite sure where those years have gone.  I hope you have all had a great start to 2016; if you’re anything like me you will be looking forward to the warmer weather. 

Those of you who have read one of these Round-up posts before will know that I LOVE giving a shoutout to the immense talent apparent in our Newbie bloggers.  There is such a wide range of blogs falling into my ‘Newbie’ realm, that it always makes the research part of this round-up such good fun.


Many of us have just celebrated Mother’s Day and I thought ‘I bought my own Mother’s Day present‘ by Louise from the very new Squished Blueberries was such a great post.  She summed up the guilt us mums often feel when we do anything for ourselves and made such a good case as to why we should treat ourselves more often. You convinced me Louise!


Before we have our family we can often idealise what it will be like and Mumsy Mum shared her thoughts in The Fresh Hell That Is Swimming, which really made me laugh.  ‘Trying to find a changing cubicle was like finding the last 52 inch plasma tv on Black Friday’.  I think we have all experienced some of these moments especially the wet socks!


Moving on to a more sentimental read, I loved Laura Wafflemama’s post ‘To my children: 8 Life Lessons‘.  It was so wonderful to ‘hear’ her talking to her children about life and the important things she has learned, ‘look for the beauty in every day and find your happy’. I think we could all be reminded of a thing or two after reading her post.


I adore the creativity in blogging and how we can all approach things differently, but with equal brilliance. A fabulous example of this creativity was Nicole’s Remember how we post. Nicole blogs over at The Brightest of These Days and this post started as a wonderful, happy, bubbling poem and ended in a declaration to explore more with her children. Her blog is full of great posts.


One post which struck a chord with me was 8 reasons you shouldn’t have your photo taken and one really important reason you should by Madeline from This Glorious Life.  In her post she highlights how our own insecurities can have an negative effect on the concrete memories children have about their childhoods, if we let them.


Bloggers have been lobbying for change in many areas over the years and it is not just established bloggers who can use their voice for good.  Stevie from A Cornish Mum wrote An Open Letter to the BBC and Eastenders following some insensitive remarks about diabetes which were included in the show.  Stevie’s post went viral and was part of a online backlash, which prompted JDRF (a diabetes charity) to step in.  The charity spoke to the BBC who have now agreed to consult with JDRF whenever they plan to mention diabetes.  Well done Stevie!


Another post which raised awareness, but this time about fertility issues, was Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and conception written by the lovely Lucy from Hello Beautiful Bear.  Lucy shared her story of suspected early menopause through to her amazing pregnancy and the eventual birth of her gorgeous daughter.  I am sure her story will give hope to so many people out there. 


It would be fabulous if you go and visit these great bloggers and maybe even add some of them to your favourites list.  


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  1. 09 March 2016 / 11:20

    Great selection of newbies, Thank you so much for including me and my post 🙂 I absolutely love my blog and can’t wait to get more involved this year and hopefully meet some of you too!

    Have a lovely day 🙂