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How are we all? Did you have a wonderful summer holiday? We had such fun, but the return to routine has been welcomed by all in our house. So with summer behind us (nearly), we start to look forward to autumn and Christmas! Too early to mention Christmas?!  O.k, well before we start thinking about halloween costumes and what size of turkey we need, I want to look back over the last couple of months and highlight some posts that have made me laugh, think and cry, yes cry!


The first post I want to share is from Nicola over at All Things Spliced, who wrote Missing the breast-feeding gene. This is a post I personally identified with a a lot and I thought it was a great thing for Nicola to share something so personal, which I’m sure made other women feel less alone or judged for the decisions they made.


Letters can be a very powerful and can be such a wonderful insight into a situation or relationship. Dear mum and dad – What would you think of me is one such beautiful letter from Sarah from Mum and Mor. I have seen a few letters coinciding with children going starting school. Charlotte from Our life as we see it had me in tears with her gorgeous letter to her daughter, summing up how so many of us will feel when the time comes for our children, A Letter to my girl. Laura from Dear Bear and Beany was another marking the start of school by writing Your first day of school, a lovely letter to her daughter Alice.


Bravery in writing is something that can make a huge difference to your reader. Being brave enough to discuss topics which could lead to you being judged or personal experiences that might be difficult to write, but that could make even one reader feel less alone. Bethany from Being Mummy shared her Postnatal paranoia story, her brave and heartbreaking story of her struggles with mental health.


‘Have you ever grieved for something before you’ve lost it, because you’re frightened of how strongly you feel?’  Sam from Mouse, Moo and Me Too, asked in her stunning post Me vs She. Motherhood can be overwhelming and the range of emotions you feel are vast. I’m sure so many people are scared by how much love they have for their children. Thank you Sam for sharing your story with us.


Blogging isn’t all about sharing our experiences, it can be about sharing our knowledge too. Personally, I love a behind the scenes post and even more so if we can learn something from it. How we achieve our overhead shots by Hannah from What Hannah did next gives such a fantastic insight into how she achieves her great shots and there’s loads to learn too. 


Making people laugh, whether that is in person or through your writing is a tricky challenge, but one which and another ten things nails time and time again. I laughed out loud at What would your parenting out of office say, especially when I read her dinner time and swimming out of office responses.


Last, but definitely not least, is When I grow up  by Annette over at 3 Little Buttons. Sometimes when I’m reading a post, I feel as if I could be reading part of a book. I love the tone, the writing style and I think, in my heart, I’m wishing it was a novel, because I want to read more. This post made me feel just that, so thank you Annette and I think we should all dream big.


So, that’s all for me this month. Remember if you have a post that you would like to submit, please email it to me at [email protected] and pop ‘Britmums Newbie Round-up’ in the subject box.  Have a great month and I’ll see you in October.

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